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  • Doc_fourhorsesDoc_fourhorses Member Posts: 12
    I just saw that administration replied back to the post saying kodos to the upgrade post. But not a word in this thread. Wow
  • Doc_fourhorsesDoc_fourhorses Member Posts: 12
    What game fatman??
  • Doc_fourhorsesDoc_fourhorses Member Posts: 12
    It is taking me 45 min for 6 rangers. 4 merc and one gatlin to heal. Wth??
  • lurchlurch Member Posts: 104
    What game? I'm over this, just lookin for the new one
    Fatman said:

    I downloaded another game last weekend. I sent them a ticket letting them know that they can send NextGames a thank you letter for the extra income.

    It really it refreshing playing this game for free.

  • clintclint Member Posts: 24
    Forum administrators only want the good comments, really dont care how everyone else thinks game now is stupid and boring

  • XanthippusXanthippus Member Posts: 31
    Boy, how hard could it be for them to just respond with some totally non-committal acknowledgement of all this nearly unanimous feedback?

    Even something like, "We have no changes to announce at this time but we are reading your feedback with interest" would be better than replying to softball questions and the rare compliment elsewhere in the forums while continuing to ignore the elephant in the room here.
  • Doc_fourhorsesDoc_fourhorses Member Posts: 12
    I saw that administration was commenting to complaints in the Facebook group but not in here.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited April 2016
    Something else to consider. When I started playing CPW 6 months ago there were 20 different 'town cards' and 32 different 'combat cards', 52 different cards total. With the addition of Legendary sidekicks, and several entirely new card types, there are now 32 'town cards' and 43 'combat cards', making 75 different cards in total.
    With the increased # of different cards possible to draw, the odds of getting 4 cards to merge has dropped drastically. It's true that some of the cards can now merge with 3, but this doesn't help as much as one might expect, because you need to merge 2 sets of 3 to make room to open a standard pack or silver pack.
    I find I'm having to discard valuable cards to open new packs.
    Please consider consolidating Mitch Miner & Chris Cowbell into one cool down card, and also Frank Fort & Caleb Carpenter into one construction card. Or perhaps eliminating 'regular' cards from Silver Packs and upwards.
  • NickyPriceNickyPrice Member Posts: 7
    @Nekobasu it is not a real debate when you only comment on the soft issues. You don't take a stand on any of the real hardcore issues. If that is your intention, please call it what it is. A place where gamers can dump of their frustration. Don't make it look like you care.
    FizzyPinot[Deleted User]Lucky_Charles168
  • Desperado_DanDesperado_Dan Member Posts: 20
    I think it's all been said but add my posse and me to people disgusted at Dr Waltz. Time taken to activate a regular card is practically the healing time you get and rugged isn't worth working towards.
    I also didn't find a point in chris cowbell cards and mitch miner doubles the rubbish you get in a card draw. I paid money and goods for a silver pack and ended up choosing regular gunslingers over veteran mitch miners. Why bother with silver packs? In fact caleb carpenters are now the only town card i might bother with.
  • Desperado_DanDesperado_Dan Member Posts: 20
    At least with longer healing times on the med wagon I have time to complain on the forums and agree with the general discontent. Or time to do other things or play other games. One attack one hour recovery, one hour to forget the game completely. Are they trying to make us play as little as possible? It's not worth buying diamonds to play a deteriorating game.
  • briscobrisco Member Posts: 3
    Add me to the list of the players that hate the latest update. Hate the reduced Dr. Waltz, hate the gold rush battles, and the Bigfoot character is useless. I want to go back to the previous version and forget this abomination of an update was ever in existence.

    I'm done with this game if it isn't fixed soon.
    Developers are you listening????? A LOT of people hate this update.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy folks! I can agree with @Oblio regarding the Dr Waltz cards, it was a decision to rebalance! Our developers made some balancing changes to the Dr. Waltz cards, & they also dropped the amount of cards needed to merge to 3 (so it would make it easier to collect them!). The game evolves to keep it dynamic for y'all partners, but I do know that some changes are not to everyone's liking, and I have passed your feedback on to our team so that they know what is working and not working in the Gold Rush!
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Few suggestions to the developers 1) if gold rush is stay atleast change the snow to dirt, it's spring, who wants to look at snow, we all had enough of it. 2) time for court house 22, along with another camp, furnace and salon to release the ledgendary wrangler. You introced two new cards and camps are already tight, the two new cards also require steel, which everyone is already struggling with it as it's hard to come by. 3) make a new tab to separate chat and points, many players are from around the world and miss out on chats because the points erase them. I believe these updates would make a lot of players happy, and relight the spark of playing.
  • Wingman300Wingman300 Member Posts: 222
    The easy way to beat the new challenge is 4 mercs and the rest wrangler. Kill the troops on the way to the mine. Do not just run to the mine. My mercs are legendary and my wranglers are notorious. If you have lower than that I cant predict what will happen. No losses.
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    Thanks Wingman ... my Mercs are only notorious and it still works with minimal losses. I hold back 20 battle points after the initial deploy and add 10 49ers for the 2nd mine ... Hardly lose any.
  • woewoe Member Posts: 66
    Finally some sort of response from admin! Better than the usual juzt ignore us, but now how about a post as to whats going to be done about the complaints??? Some changes not to everyones liking???! How many players have posted about liking them? Last I looked it was maybe 3? Hardly a majority. Gettin closer & closer to deleting this gane. I agree with fatman, only reason im still here is my posse. Also, as I've posted before, how about informin us about this stuff in the newspaper? Isnt that what its for? Not everyone reads forums
  • ChillyChilly Member Posts: 4
    I will be deleting the game now due to the Dr Waltz healing fiasco. It's now pretty pointless, the fun is gone WELL DONE NEXT GAMES Lol. 48 hours and I'm outta here. YE HAAA
  • GiNGiN Member Posts: 4
    Notice it is some of the same folks that bitched about running a community posse (which they called cheating...then the change was made and it's the same teams on the leaderboard, which led to the "oh, I guess they weren't cheating afterall"), that are now bitching about these changes.

    "I can't score the same amount as I used to...players can't make mins or are leaving..." (that is to say they are leaving for better posses)--what did you think was going to happen since you bitched your way to the posse restrictions? There is no reason for many to stay with a group that can't produce.

    And now that the doctor cards were reduced...yeah, sucks...get over it and learn to adapt (perhaps that means sending a different mix-up of troops with lower heal times). It's laughable for people to complain about having paid for their doc cards...oh yeah? How so? They were never for sale. You're still getting the silver packs you paid for...

    The devs should take note that it's time to stop listening to the whiny bitches on here who will always "threaten to leave at a moment's notice" if they don't get their way...they are a minority, always have been, always will be (and notice how they keep posting).

    Good riddance...the short-sightedness of what you bitched for is coming to fruition.

  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Yeah GiN, you are clearly in the majority here........not
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Gin. Curious to know what level you are and how you fair in your posse? Points wise.
  • ChillyChilly Member Posts: 4
    In fact, I'm not waiting any longer to delete the game. The developers of the game haven't got a clue about running a game like this, they are slow on the uptake and care little for the players, only their wallets! What they fail to realise that a game like this needs players who enjoy playing, then they might buy some stuff, if you try to force purchasing like the last update, then people get fed up and delete the game, which is what I'm doing immediately after posting this message.

    Goodbye, Next Games, you really need to look after your players to feed your wallets!
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    GiN you're talking through your a**. Is that a habit of yours?

    Same people post because some people are vocal. Others aren't. I read many posts from little guys from lower posses about the latest changes. People who usually don't post. Doc cards do cost if your buying card packs. Think before talking.
  • Lucky_Charles168Lucky_Charles168 Member Posts: 43
    KellyGrey said:

    Howdy folks! I can agree with @Oblio regarding the Dr Waltz cards, it was a decision to rebalance! Our developers made some balancing changes to the Dr. Waltz cards, & they also dropped the amount of cards needed to merge to 3 (so it would make it easier to collect them!). The game evolves to keep it dynamic for y'all partners, but I do know that some changes are not to everyone's liking, and I have passed your feedback on to our team so that they know what is working and not working in the Gold Rush!

    --> they failed big time. And I am very sorry @KellyGrey, but the dynamic is one way, and not our way. Use your whip and put the dev.team back in their place and force them to make the game fun again. I am angry, but getting there to be furious! And you all should know what happens when things get Angry! Don't let us fling tar and feathers your way!
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