WHY did you change the doctor cards??????

PegPeg Member Posts: 560
In this update...... Why did you change the doctor cards to be so low. They are mostly worthless now.
Am I mistaken, or has the price for merging them increased? My entire posse is NOT HAPPY with this change. As am I.
Many of us rely on this particular card. I wish you'd change them back and leave them as they were.

Some folks are just quitting, too much steel needed for everything but yet furnace is capped at level 10.


  • piyushpiyush Member Posts: 4
    Fully agree that the dr. Waltz update + expensive diamonds = lower playing times. I will probably quit if u cannot play this game. Appreciate developers need to generate income. However If the diamonds were cheaper or there was a way to buy package for higher times on dr. Waltz cards I am sure most of us would buy and the developers would generate much more income. However the current pricing and dr. Waltz levels will deter most players off the game
  • EKW514EKW514 Member Posts: 47
    Peg, the upgrade costs on the Doc Waltz cards haven't changed, but clearly the cost to upgrade, on a per minute basis, certainly has!
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    I am also ready to quit this game. The doc cards were all we had and now they mess them up, cards are worthless now. This new update has people wanting to quit the game until they fix it back to the way it was. I, being one of them. The miner cards, worthless by the time one heals from no doctor cards, it's time to begin again!!!! GIVE US OUR DOC CARDS BACK, AT LEAST FOR A FAIR FIGHTING CHANCE... y'all seem so money hungry... And people are NOT happy about it. CONSIDER all those who can't get to the forum to complain... Thousands..... CHANGE IT BACK, YOUVE RUINED THE GAME!!!!!!!!
    I used to like this game. Today, I'm ready to throw my iPad. Who's bright idea was it to mess with the doc cards. Surely this has been an OVERSIGHT.... I'm sure they are not THAT MEAN at " the game" for the love of the game CHANGE IT BACK. GIVE US OUR DOCTOR CARDS AS THEY USED TO BE. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE... MANY ARE QUITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ace99Ace99 Member Posts: 1
    The latest game changes are moving this game in the wrong directions. The Dr. card dilution; the expensive, but easily killed Bigfoot; and the new posse event for "mining" that is wired and boring. What are you guys thinking and who are your alpha testers?
  • kimmerz48kimmerz48 Member Posts: 12
    I am all for a challenging game, but this new cattle battle is beyond frustrating. When you can't figure out how to beat a level 7 times in a row you really don't want to play. The doc cards are useless now. Not very happy with latest update.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    I tired beatin the two mine game. I agree, after the 7-10th time of being beat,... I'm done. I'm waiting for the cows to come back. It might be possible to win, IF THE FIGHTERS FOLLOWED THE FLAGS. so wow I wait a week... Only to collect cards and lose players. Many will quit this game if it continues this way. Whoever did this last update should be supervised, and the guy supervising should be supervised. What were y'all thinking? This is the worst thing you've done to this game. Hope you fix it or I will be looking for another game to spend my money on. Totally ludicrous ... Borderline insanity. The game really blows chunks now. Very disappointed in the developers. Now I know why doc cards were changed. You won't need them at all. BECAUSE CANT WIN.... horrible job of this one guys. WHEN WILL YOU CHANGE THIS BACK?????????? Game was good, now it's going downhill. RAPIDLY.
  • AJ1701AJ1701 Member Posts: 1
    I'm not sure what the design and developing teams thought they had achieved with the latest update... That's right... THEY DIDN'T THINK!!!! Unless it was just to expand their wealth and remove our enjoyment?

    Well here is something to consider. If people leave the game through dissolution then their disappointment and frustration will vent by word of mouth and social media. So where will the income come from if fewer people stay or even sign up?

    By the way thanks for ruining a very enjoyable and entertaining game.
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