Bad Update. Worst EVER



  • Missy_MeMissy_Me Member Posts: 3
    I've deleted it too as it has become so boring and pointless.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Oh noooo! Another one who's deleted the game.

    CPW don't you read this stuff or pay attention?

    Best solution, give us the choice if we wanna be a cowboy, Or if we choose to play in winter Boringland.... You'd make the money that you so desire!
    Then we can choose your mines or cowboy game. Instead of deleting!

    I was in marketing for years, it's very you not have people to point this out to you? ....since you are oblivious to the fact of displeasure among the masses? People are not liking the change and the lies.

    People complain the same thing over and over, my guess is you ignore it as you laugh your way to the bank...
    You've all taken a holiday...
    Or you are thick as two planks and don't understand a word we we keep saying it in different ways.... Hoping you'll be a bit quicker on the uptake.
    Which is it?

    Losing loyal players will be your downfall. Market research, not needed to show that to ya.

    We lose more people this way. I'd scream, but no one would hear me!


    Missy, I hope ya wait to see if they give us our cows back, before ya delete, but ... I completely understand.... Sigh. :-(
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