Unbalanced Loot Attacks on Defense

I'm a Courthouse level 17, and I've noticed that there's been many times when I'm attacked that people are able to take away anywhere from 175k up to over 200k gold/goods per attack. But all the people that I attack only offer 140k or less. I just looked at most of the offers on the map and they're mostly 110k or less. To be brutally honest I've never had one single offer on the map of 175k or more since the start of this game. So why is it that people are stealing from me way more gold/goods than I've ever seen myself on the entirety of playing this game? I think there's a serious imbalance when it comes to this.

So either we start getting offers that equal the 175k-200k+ or the people attacking get offered the same as we are. By the way they're usually higher level courthouses. How is it the higher level courthouses are being offered A LOT for attacking more than us lower weaker courthouses? That really doesn't make sense.

Please correct this imbalance.
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