I Like the new Gold Rush event


Gold Rush Event - it suits my style of play better and I'm having a lot more fun with it than Cattle Battles


Big Foot - Seems pretty useless


Dr. Waltz nerf - Completly useless now...bad move to nerf them when introducing a new event that requires new strategy.
Second set of cooldown cards - Why? This makes no sense
Lack of Camp Space - So many extra cards to collect and nowhere to put them. Camps really need a buff to their base capacity of 2 or 3.
MASSIVE LACK OF STEEL - NEED MORE STEEL, NEED MORE STEEL, NEED MORE STEEL, or else drop the steel reqs for everything.


  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    Well now that I've got the hang of how my troops behave when there's no towers about and which ones can trample over a booby trap without suffering too much this event is quite easy to play ... but based on what my fellow posse members are saying and doing, you are in a spot of bother if you haven't maxed out your camps, battle points and flags! Appaternly it's not that easy for players on lower levels.
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