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The winter holiday season update has arrived in the Wild West! Yeee-hhhaw!

The frontier is covered in snow and Santa’s elves have been seen tiptoeing around the towns. This can only mean one thing; Christmas is around the corner! The warm and fuzzy holiday spirit has filled the hearts of every cowboy...

Folks in your town will wake to find themselves in a winter wonderland:

NEW - Weekly Posse leaderboards - does your Posse have what it takes for the highest spot?

Updates show in real time so yer posse can track points as you fight it out in the snow! The update ends right when a posse event ends, leaving the top fifty posses with points accumulated that week on the Leaderboard for all across the frontier to see and admire. Bona Fide.

The Leaderboard resets at the beginning of every event, meaning that your posse will have a whip crackin' chance to be Number 1 each week that you play.

No rewards to be claimed from the Leaderboard - yet!

NEW - Old Master Trapper visited the frontier - spice up your defence with traps!

Partner this is yer chance to toughen up yer defences with two deadly traps - a booby trap, AND a quicksand pit! Life in the Wild West is about to get preeeetty loose with these traps at yer disposal.

Now yer booby trap might look small but it goes off with a bigger bang than a 49er on a strict diet of frontier beans, causing all sorts of damage in the area 'round it. Meanwhile yer quicksand trap is bigger and slows down yer opponents as they try to make their way across, which is real fun to see when yer on the other side with a couple of gunslingers at the ready!

NEW - Achievements – win more, get more, be the best in town!

99 New Achievements! (That's got to make Rudolph's nose glow bright).

There are a total of three tiers for each Achievement and y'all can claim some frosty diamonds with each Achievement accomplished. Then y'all better have yer finger on the trigger, cos the West gets tougher after each Achievement.

What else can y’all find in this update:

NEW - Tinsel Man

Tin Man swapped his sledgehammer for a candy cane and is now stronger than ever. He has become the Tinsel Man!
The damage per second of the Tinsel Man is doubled during the winter times. Enjoy the extra power while y'all can!

Improvements and fixes:
● Rally flags stay selected to make your attacks easier
● Health bar is always visible for injured troops
● Event reward claiming is put in order - no more claims after the end of an event
● Co-leaders can edit the posse information

Coming in the next update:
● Holidays are over
● More Legendary action!
● Much more!

Come and discuss this update here:
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