Easy fix for Gold Rush dissatisfaction - choosing the event you want

While I personally feel the Gold Rush is severely imbalanced in favor of high level players and against low level ones, I know some people do like it and I see an easy fix:

On the panel with the "Start Event" button, add another button. Relabel the buttons "Start Cattle Battles" and "Start Gold Rush". Let players choose which of the two they feel like doing at any given time, even switching between the two during a single weekend. Accrue any points earned to their posse in a single pool, as before, and have a common raid timer that works as before. Then everyone can stick with the event they like, or change it up when they want some variety. Make the raid sites on the map show horses & cows or gems & ore, as appropriate, after players have started one event or the other, and use some generic icons at other times.

This would work especially well with the suggestion, already made by numerous people, to combine the Cowbell and Miner cards into a single raid time reduction card, but it would not require that change.

Letting us choose which event to play would increase player choice, let people play to their tactical strengths, and give the developers feedback about how much players actually like each event, which right now they don't get because of players being forced to play both in order to help their posses earn points.


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