big foot is a big slug

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it's a good idea to create a new unit, but big foot is too slow. on attack, the time he arrives and strikes, the building is already destroyed. On defense, the time he strikes an unit, he is dead. expensive and useless unit.


  • wildrubberwildrubber Member Posts: 4
    slug, not slut :/
  • BigJakeBigJake Member Posts: 21
    I agree that slug is a good description of the new big boy. He is dead or is late in destroying a building because he can't move his fat buns fast enough. Anyone figure out how to use him effectively?
  • bstokedudebstokedude Member Posts: 5
    I think I may have found a useful stratagem.

    Don't deploy Bigfoot as your starting unit unless you're taking on a medium-level competitor. If you're taking on one which is slightly more difficult, start with units that will wipe out the ground units, then the buildings are left vulnerable and a mid-introduction of Bigfoot I've found is effective here.

    Also, its also best not to put Bigfoot always into the direct thick of the action and get him to destroy buildings around the battle map as your ground troops make light work of buildings - found this works a treat in the right circumstances.
  • wildrubberwildrubber Member Posts: 4
    yes but if you use an attack with a flag...
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    I thought it was a lot funnier to say "Big Foot is a big slut."
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 188
    No need to disparage the majestic slug!

    Bigfoot may not target defensive troops, but he should do incidental trample damage when they are underfoot.
    If he's going to ignore sidekick's attacks, he should be able to somewhat ignore the damage from those attacks. Dies way too quickly, and moves too slowly to be useful in any but the most specific situations.
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