Here's a great idea....address our concerns over the last update

And not with some yeehaw golly gee we will pass this on to the team partner bullsh*t. Your customers deserve better. Or don't you think so?


  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    "Yee Haw! I'll pass your terrific ideas on to the team, Pardner!"

    Yikes, they do need to do better than that.

    Clash of Clans had plenty of controversy, bugs and screw ups during their evolution - their forum, conversely, had real moderators who listened, gave genuine insight, and didn't talk down to members like a robotic caricature.

    Also, unlike these to tone def CPW staff, COC did seem to listen - when there where screw ups, they genrakly owned up to it, and would do things to make up for it. (Btw, COC has made more money than any game app in history.)

    "Kelly" has no real power - and it likely that her superiors don't take her/him seriously, even if she/he brings up some of the criticisms expressed here.
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Well said, gentlemen, well said. Right on!

    I too, am tired of computer generated responses of yahoo and shine yer Spurs, annoying. Or better yet, being totally ignored . Pardner... (Gag me)

    Perhaps the company has been sold and the new company just doesn't care. I've had that happen to me with other games. who knows.

    Remember the days when CPW.... They used to fill barns, steel and banks....give extra gems, should something go wrong?
    now you are lucky to receive the computer mail. Big change!

    So many players drop out, delete the game and the name still appears , probably something y'all probably already know?
    They could fix that... If players delete game, , then automatically remove them.
    It's quite the headache!

    I have so many complaints, I could go on, but to be ignore with generated , generic responses, well, that's cheeky and cheesy.
    I'd like to speak to a real person, LIKE as before all this Bigfoot mining game took over..... Hmmmmmmm.

    I have to shut up now, I could just keep on... Sigh ... I CAN NAG ALL DAY. LOL
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