Chat needs updating. Spell check, icons, symbols, and being able to look back further.

Chat just needs serious update.


  • TraceyTracey Member Posts: 25
    Spell check for sure! :) There should also be separate tabs for scores and chat.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thanks partners! Great that you communicated this!
  • TraceyTracey Member Posts: 25
    Great ideas @Reumster ! And thank you @KellyGrey for your reply! We hope you guys will consider these implementations to improve chat :smile:.
  • TraceyTracey Member Posts: 25
  • DawsieOzDawsieOz Member Posts: 3
    The messaging system is a little backwards as you are reading the newest message to the oldest which means you need to scroll down to find the start of the conversation and then roll back up, why not have the chat scroll the other way oldest message first at the top of the screen just as if you are writing it down on a sheet of paper you know top-bottom not as it is now bottom-top.

    It would be great as already asked if the scores are on a second message tab to the chat conversation, and while I am at this it would be great if the leader of the possie could have a private chat with their Debuties and such away from the rest of the team so that they can chat about things that are needed to be done with the Possie like working out who needs to be encouraged and helped or those that are inactive to be kicked.

    At the moment I have a list of my Possie and at the end of each challenge I mark of those who have played against those who have not and at the end of 8 rounds I know for sure if the player is inactive as there is no other way to tell this at this time.
    Regards DawsieOz
    It's just a Game so at the end of the day just have Fun B)
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy @DawsieOz ! A private chat with deputies would be really great to enhance posse strategy I agree, and adding the scores is definitely an awesome idea! Thanks for your tips partner :)
  • ReumsterReumster Member Posts: 49
    We need chat to go back further, for sure. When a posse is big, and chats a lot, you can't go back to where you last read.
  • TheDiceTheDice Member Posts: 3
    I agree. Being able to go back further would be nice. Also the idea of separating the chat from the scores would allow for more chat.
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    Spell check!!!!!!!
  • pieyepetepieyepete Member Posts: 1
    Take a look at war dragon chat system, best I have seen.
  • TXP_CharlieTXP_Charlie Member Posts: 237
    I don't know if they should touch it now that it's stable... :tongue:
  • NickyPriceNickyPrice Member Posts: 7
    For 300 steel and 1000 diamonds your can purchase spell check!........
    For a month that is... ;-)
  • ReumsterReumster Member Posts: 49
    No. Buying spell check? It should be pretty standard.

    We need chat to be view back further for sure. That first I think. When you have a active Posse you just can't read back enough.
  • JuverunJuverun Member Posts: 46
    Spell check. My whriting sucks. Please CPW?
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Thanks for the tip folks! Good to know this, and I am going to pass this request for Spell Check on to our team!
  • ReumsterReumster Member Posts: 49
    We need that update Admin! Where is it.

    Spell Check, icons.

    Attack sharing.

    Posse Member Stats etc...
  • ReumsterReumster Member Posts: 49
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