Public view of developer feedback/responce to suggestion tickets.

What's great is that there seem to be a fair code where ideas of players are sent to the developers, but we never hear or see any feedback on suggestion players make...

Now I really like to know when an idea is approved, rejected or a compromise of an idea has been made.

Like I really am loosing my patience with the med card change and the game is come to the point where it feels like a chore. There are so many complaints without a single word with a real response of how an idea/complaint is taken. I want to know if an suggestion is rejected or not, a public ticket forum if you will. "This will be forwarded to the devs team" doesn't cut it in the long run, I don't thnk I'm the only one who wants more feedback of the ideas of the developers.
Like if the med cards timers are set in stone I would like to know now so I can move onto a next game, as I want a game to play and not a chore. :disappointed:
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