15 days since I posted about the dr waltz cards........

Next games?


  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Agreed. I got generic mail they 1st day they jacked the doctors cards.of course,
    Right after I bought more gems and wasted so much steel to merge.
    And yet.... Still, no word, no change, no maintainence , no update.
    Nadda... Dang .....Thing.... SSDD.
  • XanthippusXanthippus Member Posts: 31
    So leave. Seriously. They certainly keep track of general login numbers in addition to diamond sales, so send a message they will notice: stop logging in. I'm not dismissing the complaints, because I agree with most of them, and I'm not saying I'm annoyed by the posts, because I come here voluntarily. But it was clear over a week ago that the CPW management style does not include interaction with players via forums or facebook, beyond one or two community managers who have been empowered only to repeat the same cheerful responses.

    They're not going to respond. If the changes take that much fun out of the game, and for some people they probably do, go find another one. There are a lot of games out now with this same set of collect/build/upgrade/attack mechanics. Go try some of them and peek back in here once a week or so. It will be good for your blood pressure, and maybe even get the point across where forum posts didn't.

    (I'm currently trying out Tropical Wars. Koala pirates, a bit cutesy for my taste, but it looks like it might have some good strategic depth once I get a decent fleet built up, and it has some nice battle features like saving replays. We'll see.)
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