Some suggestions to increase game fun

mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
Howdy CPW,

with the last changes you've made something is now out of balance. Here are some suggestions to correct it:

1. Lack of steel:

1.1 Change the costs for cattle battle and gold rush from 500 steel to maybe 1000 gold and 1000 goods.
1.2 Reduce the number of cards we need steel for to merge. For instance change merge costs of wrangler to gold and goods.

2. Lack of camp space:

2.1 Add one more camp.
2.2 Remove miner and cowbell cards. Add an "Erin Event" Card, that can be used for both types of events. Merge costs for this card should be without steel!
2.3 And please, stop adding new card types!

3. Additional thoughts:

3.1 You added with the last updates so much new cards, that the chance to get a valueable card decreased dramatically. Add the possibility to ignore 3 cards. I suggest I can mark up to three cards I never want to see at the card decks. This would rebalance a lot. Frank Fort cards are useless once you maxed out flags and battle points. WW and GG are useless at higher levels as you have always full banks and barns. Skipping these three cards increases the chance to get valueable cards.
3.2 Add a new chat tab. One tab for trains, lvl ups, promotions, etc. and one tab for the chat only. And show at least 100 entries in the chat instead of 50.
3.3 Add a layout editor for the town, where you can save layouts, edit layouts and finish it later without affecting the current layout.
3.4 Mark online players at the map.

Looking forward to see at least a few suggestions in the upcoming updates.


  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    edited April 2016
    Morel, many of these issues are currently being discussed in the existing 'Ideas & Suggestions' tab.

    We need to not be so naive, the steel shortage in CPW is entirely intentional. Every new card introduced since the addition of the Wrangler, (except for 'Sam Steele') requires steel to merge. The 'event' sidekicks (Wrangler & Bigfoot) require steel at every level of merge. A short while ago all the Legendary cards also added steel as a merging cost.

    The steel shortage is used as a safety valve, keeping players from amassing dozens of Legendary sidekicks overnight, and assures a slow expansion of the rail lines.
    It is the resource everyone needs more of, yet it can only be 'purchased' using diamonds at an astounding cost.
    Another furnace would be great, but it's unwise to bet on steel getting removed as a merging cost for event related cards and legendary cards.
  • mormelmormel Member Posts: 16
    Oblio said:

    but it's unwise to bet on steel getting removed as a merging cost for event related cards and legendary cards.

    I did not spoke about removing steel costs from legendary cards. It is good you need steel for merging them, I totally agree.
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    3.5 Add posse name to players on the map ... when you scout or attack ... there's room under the player name top left corner.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy @mormel ! Thanks so much for taking the time to give us these great suggestions! Creating those options to maximise your steel would be awesome, and I really like the idea of adding a layout editor for the town. Lots of calls for a new camp from other players too, and tips on the cards so these are all going to our developers!
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