@CPW team, how do you sleep at night?

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@KellyGrey @Nekobasu

Not all of you can be lying, cowardly thieves but apparently some of you are. If you are one of the " NOT " then grow a pair and tell the the ones that " ARE " to back off or better yet Piss off!

Why are you standing by letting investors run you around on a leash like a puppy?
Why are you letting them rip apart the core of hardcore players?
Why don't you use the $10mil to develop a new game so you can start your money grab from the start?



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    @KellyGrey @Nekobasu

    I will go ahead and post this since it will be all we hear from you in the subject at hand.

    photo 65224abf204345941e1f26cc87e24a27.jpg

    And this is just for the thieves that took our money!
    photo f19f868c979fe4c36f9eacc1b5df5876.jpg
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