How about an event "Individual Leader Board"

It's great we have a posse Leader Board for events - everyone looks at it during events, sizes up the other posses and often even uses this board to see what other posses are ou there.

It engenders a fun and competitive environment.

Why not do the same for the individual leaders in an event - I would love to see what guys/gals are getting 300k plus scores in a given event. This would also likely push people to put up even better scores, to get on the board. Maybe top 100 scores? Could be fun.


  • BigJakeBigJake Member Posts: 21
    I agree, West has to come up with something to encourage play, dangle a carrot if you will. How about individual cards are earned for how much you play during an event versus the current set up where all members get the cards if they contribute just once? Maybe it will encourage all members to play more to earn cards.
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