The MainEvent Posse members kicked

JpokJpok Member Posts: 28
About 15 minutes ago, all of our members were kicked out of the posse.


  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    Saw that - anyone know who did it? TopGunz is only doing the event right now with 25, due to some odd people who joined and underperformed possibly on purpose.

    HEH is know to send out spys, like Rarobs... Maybe it was someone like that...

  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    They need to fix this - a cool down before you can kick again, name the person doing the kicking, maybe one person can only kick one or two
  • kinwai0214kinwai0214 Member Posts: 62
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    edited May 2016
    It doesn't show who kicked but wouldn't it be either someone who is left or you would see who left the posse?
  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    Best way is to require two people to kick. One kicks. Another co-leader has to confirm. Then you don't get rogue nut cases

    That is crazy. One nut case kicked everyone?? Intense
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Classy Kinwai
  • SnowDrifterSnowDrifter Member Posts: 90
    Frag, that's a good idea.
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