How is your base holding up?

Bluef1Bluef1 Member Posts: 13
edited December 2015 in General Frontier Discussion
The usual way to answer this question used to be by counting the "green" and "red" house boxes in the map/deffense tab.

But the achievements make it easier to get a longer term view.

"Get off my lawn" measures defensive wins since the December update.
"Driller's Revenge" measure losses.
Combine the two together and voila, you have your win loss record since the update.

In my case, I am 49-9 since the update and 19-1 in the last two days. And my record (and its evolution) shows the effectiveness of traps. I always had a tough base - winning 75% or more of defenses. But with the new traps (mine are now level 15 and 16 for dynamite, 6 for quicksand) you can force the attackers pathing to the strong parts of your base, making it so much harder to beat.


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