Au lac

What has happened to this once top 5 posse


  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    They were not fans of pizza Wednesday's so they decided to end it
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    MPH they were on the decline after DQ quit the game - then the leader 2clo walked out on them and the people left. Several quality members are reforming the posse now. It is at 6 members. DQ has not returned
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    I see them n heh
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    Au Lac was my ticket in to the big fishes who swim in this pond.
    I hope that it will work for those who's trying to get Au Lac on its feet again.
    I wish them the best of luck!
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    Earl - yes - the topgunz ones messaged me after he left and it was down below 20 people - they asked for a home since Zero had helped them before- only about 5 came here - the rest are all over CPW --
    Gud - I am glad you fit in HEH and have made some new friends.
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    @Gud I agree. Hate seeing posses fall apart. I wish them the best
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