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To the developers,
I find that I get raided fairly often. I like the idea of revenge, but I always lose. Now don't think I'm whining I just would like a little more fair play. See my stars are under 100 and everyone who raids me their stars are in the 400-500 range. Same in the territory. All my possible targets are usually in that same star range. I'm level 30 and I can't beat any of them either. I don't think it's only me because I do well on cattle raids. I'd bet that there are a bunch more people with the same problem. We need to level the playing field as it were. If you look at my player logs with the exception of Christmas (where my sister in laws wifi sucks) and my ten days in the hospital with a mutated H1N1 flu, you'll see I'm an everyday player. It frustrates me and then it will make me mad and I'll quit. It's really too bad, because not only will I be unhappy about leaving the game, you'll miss me as I spend real money on it. All I want is to be able to advance in the game and have a fun time doing it.
Thank you,


  • TronTron Member Posts: 10
    I use to have same problem as you do. Everyday when I wake up, I lost all my points from other day that I gain. I started to build better defence and learn from the success invader. From there I was able to defend my town better. As you can see my rank on global.
  • KellyGreyKellyGrey Member Posts: 93
    Howdy @pookiebaer and big thanks for the tip about creating a more even playing field. It's good to know, I am passing your suggestion on to our development team!
  • HellbringrHellbringr Member Posts: 2
    You need to fix the revenge attacks. When I attack another player on my map I can only take 4500 steel, yet when they revenge attack me I lose over 6000. Why even bother attacking if we're just going to lose more than we get.
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    Hellbringr - when you encounter players that revenge you - to ensure you end up in the green - collect at least 2 of the same person on your map before attacking them - 3 or more is even better - that way you don't take a loss. Just ensure you win!
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