Be careful who you get to run your feeder posse!

Recently there was a post for a small posse to merge with another posse. As we at Georgia Boyz had no feeder yet, we felt it would be a great opportunity for a great start for a new feeder. The conditions were simple. The leader stays leader and runs the posse the way he has been, but has to communicate how the posse was doing, and hold new recruits to standards given to them by the main posse.

Once the posse was set up i visited only to find 2 people out of the eight that spoke within the first 2 days. After the first day, it was 8 days until i was able to contact the leader again. Meanwhile we had a member from our posse in with the feeder, trying to get the rest to communicate. They felt like his attempts to get them communicating was him being pushy and rude. Anyone that is a part of a posse in the top 20 knows that communication is a necessity. After 4 weeks of the same thing the leader from the feeder posse tells me that he should have expected me being pushy, because im an american, and our attitude is shoot first ask questions later. He then kicked me out of the feeder posse, and switched it to invite only. Well, that was the last straw. I told him it was time to part ways, that we would need our feeder posse back, and he could take his team back to his original posse, or wherever he wanted to go. He then informed me that he would not change posse's, and that he intends to keep our name to attract new recruits.

So i am here to inform this great community that Georgia Boyz2 is no longer associated with Georgia boyz in any mannor. Our new feeder name is DirtySouth.

Here is some advice to up and coming posse looking to expand. Keep it to people you know and trust. Dont ever give someone you dont know control of even a feeder posse, because the same may happen to you. Protect your name before someone else comes along and steals it to profit from all your hard work!


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    Thanks for sharing this story in forums Georgia_Tex. I am sorry to hear that this situation turned out as it did. It's never a dull moment in the ever evolving life of a posse.

    In _World Class_ i encourage members to have a second account. These members are invaluable. In WC, I lead, and in our second posse(not necessarily a feeder, as those guys and gals don't want to leave it), I also lead. That way I know first hand what is going on in both posses. If for some reason I am unable to lead, there are other members in WC that have second accounts in WC2, and they are trusted to lead. This co-operation among posses, was originally intended to fasilitate movement of members from one posse to the other during an event, which in and of itself was very exciting to witness. Many players in CPW, thought this was didn't matter in our leaderboard placement one bit! Shortly after, CPW locked posses. :(

    It actually is not a bad idea to have your feeder posse a differant name. I notice kind of a odd judgement many players have towards "feeder" posses. As if they are somehow unfair. Quite the experience is showing that people in the "feeder" often like the pressure being less. So, I talk there less, and of course don't push people to push, for points. As long as they are active, that's cool.

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    Thanks Georgia Tex for the warning and a special thanks to you Sko for your comments ... you run a great couple of posses really well ... and your comments are spot on ... however HeH doesn't have any problem with its posse naming convention. And thanks for reminding me of the good old days when Zero and I ( and others) were swapping players in and out of posses to make sure everyone got the top rewards ... boy that was fun!
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    @Georgia_Tex terribly sorry you hv had that happen. And I actually agree with Sko on this one. The different posses in a posse family allow ppl to play at the pace they choose. They do need to b active within the guidelines of that posse however. Occasionally some come up to main posse but more often ppl from the main posse are going there. It allows them to still play with less pressure when needed but remain in the family, so to speak. I have had a few join the "feeder posse" with the mission of making it to main posse. So an alternative posse can b good in many ways
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    @Gazza I meant no derogatory message in my comment about "feeder" posses. Actually, I learned about how a posse family works, in part, do to you openly sharing in CPW visitors facebook page. It's just been my observation that some (definately not all) seem to complain about the options certain posses have created for themselves. Of course it apears many of those complainers are either leaving the game, or have already left....leaving us who stay, with changes created in part due to their complaining, ie, closeing posse movement during events.

    I was my intention to help Georgia_Tex and friends, in perhaps easing the pain of this posse issue.

    I also agree with Earl_1, in that it is also my experience that movement occurs much more regularly from high leaderboard posse to the alternate posse, because staying in the "family" is a nice option.

    In WC, we also have WC3, where many go to bring a Zero (0) its ok there.

    I did originally have A Smokin Hot posse as a backup to _World Class_ but when WC2 was formed ASH became a retirement posse....the problem with that was, my trusted leader, put leader on an inactive player, both the leader and the inactive player left the game altogether, ruining the chance of getting that posse active again.
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    No one stole anything - it was you who approached us tex, it was you who said we run it how we want, and it was you who then wanted us to leave and set up GB3 when we didn't do things how you wanted us to. We may move again but we will decide that, if and when. We wish we didn't set up GB2 but we did so please stop saying we are imposters, theives etc as this is completely your own doing tex, none of us approached you. If you've forgotten a lot of what we agreed is written on this forum. There is no deception, you made us leave our old posse said we'd have control when the reality was very different. You were pushy and very rude but heyho it's only a game- no big deal. I just don't like the personal attack- only two members spoke on day one and two- are you serious? We have gained nothing from this move so yes we will move on, I hope you do too!
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    Ok, i was hoping to keep this on a professional level, but i can see you dont understand adult situations. This is how it all went down. Yes, i approached you, and spoke with you, who was rude right off the bat with me. The first thing you said to me was who are you from and what can you do for us. I should have left you in the wind right there. But i looked past that and offered you a chance to become our new feeder, and was waiting to hear back from your leader, Kuddel. Days went by and no word from anyone in your posse. We actually decided to start our own, and one of our members searched the name georgia boyz2, and behold! Yall took it upon yourselves to create the feeder after one couple minute meeting, instead of speaking and hashing out all the details. Id call that stealing! If i knew what yall were all about from the beggining, there would be no freaking way i would let you in our posse, let alone run our feeder. Yall say nothing until event time, if you even speak then, then put up scores by the end of the event that our lowest lvl members put up halfway through the first day. Your not even part time players! So when you come into a top 5 posse and try to operate like that, hell yea i could see why you thought we were pushy. We wanted to get to know yall, but the whole time you bellyached about how much you had to talk, oh gosh, they asked me questions!

    And you call us rude becky? You have been nothing but rude. You used more words replying here than you have probly used the entire time you've played this game. Try to focus more words in game and you might attract your own members, and not have to rely on stealing ours! Ive showed "your members" more about how to play the game in a week than yall have in the "over a year" yall been together.

    One more thing, i was willing to keep working with yall to solve the problems until kuddel wanted to insult the country that i live in. That was the final straw. Thing is, without America the world would be much worse off. Can we say the same about where your from?

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    Tex, I fully agree. I spoke to them before they merged with you and Becky and others were exactly as you describe them. Rude and abrupt. They didn't like what I had to offer and chose you. Lucky escape for me but sorry to hear it didn't work out for you. We live and learn. Keep it going Tex, you are doing great
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    Share the names of the posse members. We'll be sure to raid them.
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