The DirtySouth needs you!

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we have started the DirtySouth posse for those who want to play in an active posse and learn the game! This posse is affiliated with the top 5 (sometimes top 3 posse) Georgia Boyz. We are looking for players of any race/nationality that can speak english and willing to learn from some of the top shooters in the game! All you need to bring is you sense of humor and your all set!

Georgia Boyz2 is an impostor, and not affiliated in anyway to Georgia Boyz posse. If you like to sit in a posse with no excitement, no chat, not competition, then that may be the posse for you. Dirtysouth is the only posse with a direct line with the Georgia Boyz.


  • becky44becky44 Member Posts: 11
    Are you kidding me? Georgia boyz2 was set up as your feeder posse - no wonder you are finding it so hard to secure a good feeder group when you are so pushy and obnoxious, some other members of your group are so ignorant they don't even say hello- it's all about the game for these guys. Sorry if we haven't chatted during the summer holidays, apologies we don't keep contact on your weird groupme chat. They treat it like a another job when guess what- it's only a game fellas! If you want a relaxed fun game avoid this bunch by all costs. Unfortunately they don't even have a full main posse yet they are calling us imposters- they begged us to set up their feeder group and as many of you know we had plenty opinions. Oh well we are still together and back to a more relaxed group without these over enthusiastic nutters!
  • SkodancySkodancy Member Posts: 190
    @Becky44 You have made a good point! There are many ways to play this game! Might I suggest (only a suggestion) that you create your own posse? It's easy to do. Think of a name that more represents you and the fine folks that play there. Are you sure you want the Georgia Boys name over your head every time you play this fun game? Personally, I would return the posse back to them, and move on! You don't need this baggage, do you?

    A name like "Leathal Boys", or "Shoot For Fun, or "Born To Be Silent" You get my point? It's easy to create a posse. Leave your message in emails and chat, your changes, and how to be found. Good luck! And have fun in the game!

  • KuddelKuddel Member Posts: 9
    Hi everybody. Welcome to the games. :-) for some reasons Georgia Boyz take this game far too serious. This is just a game. Full stop. As Becky wrote, they wanted us to become their feeder group. Hence we have changed posse and name and became their feeder. What they didn't tell u is: each member has to contribute 30k+ per event - otherwise I should have kicked all new 'recruits' - they call you. Very military style. But worst they tried to force everyone to download groupme and chat on a daily business - mainly stuff American TV put a 'beep tone' on top of the content. So, everyone looking for such a posse, Georgia Boyz should be your first choice. If you are more moderate on your language and have a private life next to this game, Georgia Boyz2 is the right choice. We are friendly, relaxed but never in Top 50. No one gets forced to chat but there's always something going on. Ladies and gentleman: who ever reads this three here: Everyone is welcome to Georgia Boyz2.
  • Slick_GaBoyzSlick_GaBoyz Member Posts: 4
    @Kuddel if you wish to recruit start your own page very easy. As for being pushy no not us. 30k not that hard but again wrong on that. Groupme yes Its a very good way to communicate with members. An ultimatum I think not. Half our members don't use it we only ask people to join it if they want makes it easier to communicate due to posse chat always being pushed out when a lot of chat is going on. As far as a minimum requirement in main posse yes there is everyone has that but that was what the feeder was supposed to be for. People we like and want to keep but just aren't able to compete at our level. Suppose to be a place where you can go to relax and grow with helpful hints and tips. Or somewhere to go if you are busy in life. We thought that's what we were doing but after you started getting members we sent your way and filled up you took it upon yourself to shun us and steal our members now you have very little. Pushy? We aren't the ones getting on your chats and bad mouthing you trying to steal members or using posse name to benefit I could go on and on but I won't so I suggest you grow up sir start your own page change posse name and leave us alone. Thank you have a good day
  • KuddelKuddel Member Posts: 9
    Hey Slick, I really love your comments. I saved all screen shots of your chats and 'private chats' between Tex and me. So let's really not go there. We didn't steel any members. Apart from the fact that you cannot steel anyone here - don't forget it's a game. And we just jumped in 'your chat' after you called us imposters and after you started bad mouthing about us. But I must admit that I really enjoy how energetic you get here. Get a life man and just take it easy.
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Lets post all them chats buddy and see who the fool is. You know what, give me just a minute and ill give you something to post up buddy...
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    You know what kuddel, i got those same screenshots. There is nothing in any of them im ashamed of or that i would take back. You were always agreeable i them also, even about the need to communicate. You know what else it shows on the screenshots? Timestamps. It shows that everytime i said communication needs to be better, you would agree, then it would be 2-8 days later i would hear from you. Were you really trying to work things out? I think not. You wanted a popular name to get recruits. Guess what. You can have the name. Its not going to help your mediocre posse anyway. Anyone who wants to play will not join a posse and sit 4 days with nothing said, then put up scores on the first day that any of you will not reach by the end of the event. But good luck to you anyway scrub. Yall have fun your way, we will have fun our way...
  • BonBonBonBon Member Posts: 4
    You want to get mad over us saying you're "imposters", yet that's exactly what you are. Merriam Webster defines an imposter as "one that assumes false identity or title for the purpose of deception". That is exactly what you are doing. You have kept the Georgia Boyz name, and have flat out refused to change it. Even your posse description still claims that you are affiliated with us, which is false. This all started when you threw a temper tantrum over being removed from our main groupme chat. You kicked Tex from the feeder posse because of that, and it all went downhill from there. The whole purpose of a "feeder posse" was a place for our new recruits (which, by the way, is not a term strictly for military usage!) to go until they are strong enough players to compete in our main posse. It was also to serve the purpose of a cool down room for our main players to go when they are on vacation or have an exceptionally busy schedule and cannot contribute their usual high scores. I know for a fact that those terms were made clear from the get-go. It was also made clear that Tex would have some leadership privileges and some control over the feeder posse, in exchange for you using our posse name and affiliation, yet you refused to promote any of our members (including Tex!) while they were in the feeder posse. If there was any confusion whatsoever, it was on your part, Kuddel. You obviously don't understand what words mean.
  • KuddelKuddel Member Posts: 9
    Man & wife have spoken. :-) who's next? Merriam Webster? Lol
  • KuddelKuddel Member Posts: 9
    Or maybe Nathan Deal - governor of Georgia. But to all readers who enjoy this thread at the end it doesn't matter. Georgia_Tex the leader of Georgia Boyz and Dirty South made his point and underlined his attitude why it came to that split: just read his second post when he writes "you know what, give me just a minute and I'll give you something to post up buddy ...". If you appreciate this kind of 'problem solving' behaviour then he is your leader and both posses are the right one for you. For all others, join former feeder Georgia Boyz2 - with no pressure and a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere.
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Your really showing how low class you are by continuing to post recruiting threads in someone else's posse post after you stole their name. Im sorry you envy us because you couldnt be encouraged to put forth a little more effort. And im sorry you got butthurt when i informed you you wasnt good enough to carry our name. I guess i cant say im surprised, my children act just like you. If they cant win at the actual game, they just change the rules to suit their needs to win. Well, your winning is a lot like Charlie Sheen's winning. Only in your own mind buddy.

    But ill help you out! If anyone is interrested in absolute bordom, and extremely low scoring, if you want to put very little to no effort in the game and still be a part of a posse that will never go anywhere, then yes! Georgia Boyz2 is your posse!

    If you want to learn the game while having fun and getting to know new people, well then the DirtySouth would be a better place to start.

    Kuddel, time grow up and end it buddy....if you want to try to suck people into the bordom you call a posse, thats fine! Start your own thread. I promise we will leave you in peace. Dont go away mad, just go away.....
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Are you not entertained? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?! Sorry, that was my best Gladiator impression. Well folks, hope you enjoyed the last few posts, but the show comes to an end. Kuddel and i decided to act like adults and work our problems out. So the show is over. Nothing else to see here.....except........

    DirtySouth is still looking for members who are active, and looking to learn the ways of the game. Come give us a shot!
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