My newest edition

Daddy's little girl. Ella Marie. Born 8/15/16. 8.7ounces.


  • SkodancySkodancy Member Posts: 190
    Despite all the crap I've said to you, .......Congratulations!
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    Congratulations ! A Leo - ok - she s a girl so she was already going to cost you - now just double it ! Lol - seriously - prayers for the Mom and get all the rest you can ! How many do you have ?
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Congrats daddy!!!!
  • Earl_1Earl_1 Member Posts: 315
    CONGRATS TREVER!!!!!! Beautiful name!
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Congrats trever! Have you figured out what causes that yet? We had to get cable tv so we would have something else to do!
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Nice one Trevor
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Thank you everyone. Simply amazing to see so many say congrats with out ever meeting you all in person. @DoodleAnn - this makes 2 boys (7 and 14months) and 2 girls (4 and newborn) plus a 5 year old stepson.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Do I here a Rochester hockey team? ;)
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    Kellsz asked me to pass on his congrats! He thought you should have named her Sally lol
  • jonjon Member Posts: 18
    Congrats to you and your wife. Building your own posse. Lol
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Thanks Jon. Certainly close to it. Lol
  • JimmieRainwoodJimmieRainwood Member Posts: 22
    Congrats Trevor!
    "Trust, but verify"
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