Dev's, please save CPW

Its been so long since we have had any contact with reps or devs to let us know whats going on. The game has been the same since March i believe. The loyal players have stayed in hopes of something to look forward too. But people are no longer loosing interest, they have lost it altogether. The main high level people have all settled into the top 2-3 posse's, making it impossible to pick up experienced players.

Let me take this chance to oppologize to the dev's and reps for past comments made here because of growing despairity over the players thoughts about how the game should be updated and ran. But yall are truly running this game into the ground. There is no doubt in my mind you will always have players, as it is a fun game. But the question is, do you want a minimum amount of players, or a great pool of players to help the game grow and make more money? I emplore you, please let us know you are eventually going to think about doing something with this game. I am a leader of a posse that is normally towards the top of the list, but im not sure how much more time i am willing to invest in the same ole song and dance. Most of our posse members have expressed the same feelings. I realize that we are nobody to you, but we are just in a long line of people on the way out. Please change our minds, hell, lie to us! If yall would just suggest that you are about to do something, we are gullible enough to wait another couple months in hopes of that coming true! No news is good news is not acceptable in this case!!!!


  • 2MY2MY Member Posts: 4
    Our posse (Norge+)have made it into the leaderboard the recent months, but most of our players are fed up now. We have already lost some good ones. I feel my stomach twist when we have to start a new Cattle Battle. It is such a struggle - but not because it is difficult. Gold Rush was a big disappointment when it came out, but now most players are ok with it. It is not exciting by any means, but rather easy and takes short time to finish. Big plus..

    I wish we could get new buildings, troops and events. So sad if the game dies out like this, as it is so unique. And most important of all: there are so many unique and nice people playing it. So refreshing to play a game and not having to deal with annoying kids.. ;)


  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    day 1. No response...
  • Georgia_TexGeorgia_Tex Member Posts: 162
    Day 2. No response
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Day 148 correction, been since April brother
  • Josey_WalesJosey_Wales Member Posts: 2
    I'm new and was going to bring in my crew from another game, is this a ghost ship game? Developer has given up on it? Pretty good game I like it but I'm not going to get my guys to vest in a dead game...
  • JimmieRainwoodJimmieRainwood Member Posts: 22
    Developers have been very quiet, as you can tell by discussions. The players are keeping the game alive.
    "Trust, but verify"
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Developers have completely disappearedsonce march/April. They don't even talk about it on their company website. It's a great game and starting from scratch I believe you will love it. Just those that have maxed out. Disappointed to see them do nothing but I would recommend playing. It's fun.
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    This is a good game with at least a good year of life if you spend no money- probably more nod that rewards stink. Bring them in - we need some good gamers here to keep us going!!
  • 2MY2MY Member Posts: 4
    A guy from my clan actually got a response from the devs. They are working on an update, but can't say when it is released as they are taking their time to do it right.

    Basically nothing new of importance.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Yes I got that update also. In April. Lol
  • GazzaGazza Member Posts: 95
    The last CPW related news item on the Next Games website was in April 2015 ... that's right ... 16 months ago!
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