Long on help, short on rules: join up for fun

Want to learn more about the game and how to succeed at posse events? Join Boot hill! We're looking for a few more players who don't want to be dictated to about how to play, but are interested in learning more and playing even better. We are a seasoned crew who welcome new, enthusiastic players who like the game for the fun of it.
Only requirements are participation in the posse events and enjoying the game. Search Boot hill and be sure to use lower case "h".
Enjoy the game even more with a friendly, helpful posse.


  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    Boot hill is low pressure and high learning with plenty of help and advice if you want it. We started the posse for all of the benefits and camaraderie without point and growth requirements.
    Only two rules: participate in the posse events and have fun!
    Search Boot hill and be sure to use lower case "h".
    Looking forward to meeting you!
  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    We currently have 3 open spots. Join up before they fill!! Search Boot hill with the lowercase h.
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