Looking to merge posses

WyattWyatt Member Posts: 5
I am leader of Wyatt and Jane-- a posse that has been together since the beginning of the game (or rather since the game added posses). Unfortunately we are down to 12 or 13 active members. We still hit 300k per event. We are low stress, no drama. I'd like to keep it that way, but we need a large influx of new blood. So, if you're in a posse with 15 or so active members that would like to merge with an established, active, and friendly posse, please consider a merger. Leave a message if interested.


  • WillWill Member Posts: 67
    Wyatt, you are on the right track, there are so many posses out there struggling! We are focused and chart individual growth and no pressures for minimums or the boot. It's working and posse members are combining with us!
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Hi Wyatt, as requested. I'm leader of London uk, but it would be London uk 2 that I'd possibly merge. Good luck
  • MarkjeffryMarkjeffry Member Posts: 2
    Hi Wyatt, our posse is "old farts" ... regularly get 500-600k with 12 active players ... we're in a similar boat as you, looking for some new players
  • WyattBurpWyattBurp Member Posts: 10
    Hi all, we were in a very similar position and merged with one of the best groups. It then got far to serious as we were a small group looking to play for fun but made a mistake merging with a big group to be their feeder. Don't want to dig up all that rubbish again but a little bit of advice would be to merge with a similar like minded small group. We are in the same boat again whereby several players are losing interest due to the lack of change and updates from the people who run CPW. I love the game and got over 154k in gold rush last go!! I hope it works out for you.
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    Wyatt, we have a solid 17 members and hit about 400k during the gold/gem gigs and 350 during the horse/cow gigs. Cattle bandit I am absolutely interested. Let's talk. I can give you an email if interested.
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    Wyatt, what ya thinking?
  • JashuaJashua Member Posts: 15
    Come and join Dirty Harry's now we are going places...:)
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