Posse Merger?

watchtowerwatchtower Member Posts: 9
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Looking for active players who can contribute, or possible merge with another small posse to improve event results. We have 17 members and achieved 215k event points last event...a merger with another alliance of 13 or less members would be beneficial to both of our small alliances


  • ShotgunWilliShotgunWilli Member Posts: 6
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    Hi watchtower. We have 18 scoring at over 230k a few of these guys are brand new and if you are the same we may be able to merge for 30 without losing active members. I'm happy to discuss further. We are pretty democratic so all moves will be decided by the team.
  • watchtowerwatchtower Member Posts: 9
    We will definitely be open to a merger, I'll send you a private message so we can talk easier about details or if a merger will work
  • JiiZ_RedLegionJiiZ_RedLegion Member Posts: 7
    Hi watchtower. Don't know whether it's too late? I'm leader of a breakaway posse formed by active members of another posse that ended up with only half the posse contributing.

    We'd probably not care out losing our posse name etc, and would all come across to you.

    Check us out - Red Legion

    There would be probably 8 active members, 5 of which are strong lv30+. I'll need to chat with them but thought I'd touch base with you first.

    Cheers JiiZ
  • BigdogBigdog Member Posts: 4
    Hey JiiZ, Ruhrpott is our posse. We're about 13 members that are closing in on 200k per event. We're new. Bits of chatter and help in posse. Not sure if your posse would like to join up?
  • Pistol_PetePistol_Pete Member Posts: 5
    i can do 25k per event at lvl 25 and i friggin love this game, currentlyin s h i t posse of 30 cant even do 100 with me doing a quarter of points, need a posse with some balls
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 188
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    40 something is a quiet (not much chat) posse of 24 players, we ask for 10k minimum per event for each member, but some of us get 30k to 40k. With A few new members we could easily hit the 400k mark consistently. Currently set on 'request' due to a persistent leech. Min level 25 though most of us are low to mid 30's level. We'd love to have a few more skilled cowboys or cowgirls.
  • BigdogBigdog Member Posts: 4
    Hey pistol, you're more than welcome to join ruhrpott. We're only 12 members right now (thus the recruiting). Members do 10k-20k.
  • watchtowerwatchtower Member Posts: 9
    After this current event ends we can all discuss merging into a posse together, fort somerset is my posse and we currently have 17 guys...we will get about 250k for this event. Anyone who wants to join us is welcome, we have zero drama in our posse and we are always willing to help out with questions and strategies.
  • JiiZ_RedLegionJiiZ_RedLegion Member Posts: 7
    @watchtower sorry, hope you don't think your original post is getting hijacked. Just seems like this thread could be a good rally point for all posses looking to merge. :)
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