****Guns Of West****

Moo! Choo!


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    "Added 1936 points" at your highest level Gold Rush battle........

    YOU, could be doing this! Start your new account and ride with us!

    Map must look like this......One cow, no more railroad! Man, I love an unobstructed Wild West!!!

    The buffalo still can graze our wild grasslands!

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    We don't have a minimum point requirement in Guns Of West.

    Since we only send one train after one cattle/miner battle, all players there know, the only way to get wranglers is to run a train. Running a train then, is not necessarily about points.

    If you are not in a hurry to advance, or your life is just to busy to run many trains, you know the consequence. There is a freedom in this.

    Guns Of West is about you building up your troops based on saving the time and steel that is used up on running multiple trains. Little value is placed on obtaining free cards from CPW event gifts, which are basically inconsequential anyways!

    We don't place a value on being on the posse leaderboard. I do believe however, we will be on the leaderboard as the posse fills.

    If you have been good, and get a phone/tablet gift from Santa, consider joining GOW, you will not be disappointed.
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    It just can't be explained how fun it is to play in Guns Of West after rising to the top in level, and in posse!

    I guess maybe it is time you come check out Kid's rise to glory!! Perhaps the greatest level 20 player, West has ever seen! Kid's comin for ya leaderboard, ya better make room!

    The only prerequisite to join......is that one cow, no more! ;)

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    A new sheriff in town!

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