Special Posse Event - Week 4

NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
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Last week the Legendary Tin Man arrived to the frontier. Y'all have had a time to collect 'em into yer decks! This week's posse event will again focus on gettin' those Tin Men and some Steel to merge 'em tough fellas.

However, there are some twists in this event:

- The event is one day shorter. Work with yer posse to hit the 1 million mark in four days!

- The cow and horse raid sites have longer cooldown times. Use yer Chris Cowbell cards to speed up the cooldown!

- Y'all earn more points for sending out a train! Fill 'em faster to get even more points.

NOTE: The merging costs of Chris Cowbell cards have been reduced. The new merging costs are:

Rugged 1500
Veteran 11000
Notorious 52000

Rugged 5000
Veteran 10000
Notorious 30000


  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    Howdy. With everything costing steel, why aren't there more steel producing buildings? Upgrading is something you have to do to keep up with the trains and your cattle.
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    Many of us enjoy the Cattle Battles more than raiding. Can you award a star for each train sent would be very fair.
  • nikkersnikkers Member Posts: 29
    Also you have gold trains , goods (sic) trains. How about steel trains....for say sending all horses ?????
  • Lucky_Charles1608Lucky_Charles1608 Member Posts: 26
    Howdy again. There are a few things I don't like about this post. It's the cooldown thing and that in combination with Chris Cowbell cards. I don't use them because they reduse just one raid site. So most of the time I just throw them out. Just keep the cooldown as it was. Or make the CC cards effective on more raid sites. Hope y'all can do something about this all. But still ... it's a great game.
  • NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
    edited January 2016
    Howdy! The Chris Cowbell cards reduce the time of all the raid sites!
  • BuckeyeBuckeye Member Posts: 9
    It has been my experience as well that only one site is cooled down faster...I watched specifically to see....
  • BuckeyeBuckeye Member Posts: 9
    Also, the newspaper didn't say anything about a "shorter event", what's up with that???
  • DoodleAnnDoodleAnn Member Posts: 89
    Here and in the newspaper it talks about longer cool down times - how long are they??
  • blacklightningblacklightning Member Posts: 2
    Hey, at first I had the same impressions, only one site had a time reducement. This happened with a regular card. Tried it later with the higher cards and all the sites got a reducement. The difference from the regular one is just so small that it is virtually useless and unnoticeable.
    What is more annoying is that the Chris's cowbell cards very rarely pop up in the card packs. Even though I now have the permanent silver pack I havent seen one for at the very least a month now. (Of which I have the silver pack for a week now.)

    So if the use of the cowbell cards is promoted please adjust the appearing rate of the cards as well. Especially if you claim we need them this event...

    Wel with that my rant is over. Hope it helps you guys.

    Love, blacklightning
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    What good is more steel when you have it maxed and no place to spend? Expansion cost too much gold and takes too long to raise between raids. I have given up as it is too discouraging and just plug along in my own little world.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Chris Cowbell cards seem most frequent in train packs, but I suppose that makes sense.
  • blacklightningblacklightning Member Posts: 2
    Well even in train packs I haven't seen them for quite sometime. And I send enough trains out
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    Need to infuse some new life in game to keep us veterans motivated. Any consideration on a Cavalry Sidekick (Lt., Capt., Major, Col., General) maybe on horse back with a sword and pistol?

    More variety in missions or tasks on daily basis would keep people playing while they wait for, what will be now, extended cool downs. Maybe "in-Posse" challenges or High Noon Quick-draw Duel or varment clearing. How about connecting railroads to other Posse town for some commerce? Missions could be varietal and focus on specific talents of sidekicks (sharpshooting, scouting, speed, damage, track laying, bronco busting)

    Another thought to spice things up while waiting is to have mini-games in the Saloon for all those idle sidekicks to enjoy. Something like a real Saloon would have, slots, card games, etc... be creative.
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    Last thought before I head back out on the range. My history with traps is that they are most effective when they are concealed. I fail to understand why their location can be seen by any scouting or raiding parties. Maybe "trap" is not the correct title and really they are just new objects to purchase and upgrade. It is my STRONG recommendation that they be hidden from view of all raiding parties.
  • Ray22Ray22 Member Posts: 1
    Brutus, l agree with you it takes so long to get coins and goods. Because you have to wait so long for you can raid. And I have not seen any new cards in the the train decks. And they still haven't fixed it when the game goes off line during a battle or right after a battle and you you win, the game goes off line and you lose everything. Your men, gold, goods, and anything else you might have won, you lose it all. They keep telling me their fixing it. But that's been forever.
  • redskindawnredskindawn Member Posts: 1
    I think it would be a great idea it we could share things with our posse... Like if someone in our posse needs a card or be able to call on our posse for help in raids... Also free daily gifts!!!! Why can we visit other people's page ? There is no purpose maybe could visit and help them with upgrade time or something...
  • BrutusBrutus Member Posts: 13
    Wooo there Silver, one more last post. I promise this is the last, last post before I'm back on the range. My Posse is waiting on me and I need to rally the troops for the next Event.

    The game needs help with the Town Layout functionality. There needs to be a tool, where all buildings can be removed and placed. It is too difficult to rearrange a town with limited space, building by building. Also, it would be great to save a few Town Layouts, so that you don't have to remember or spend an hour doing a rearrange.

    "Dust billows as Brutus and Silver ride off into the distance and a lone coyote howls..."
  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    I have to agree with several posts above: Enjoy the game a lot but hit some real slowdown points on gold and steel. Cowbell is an albino coyote, don't see 'em enough to collect and upgrade. Not sure the motivation is clear in shortening event and lengthening cool down time. Lower totals I guess. Posse events are great but amassing the steel, gold, and goods to continue upgrading town and merging high ranked cards is almost ridiculously difficult and is really a shutdown point as mentioned above. Of course, that's playing without purchasing. Thanks for the game, hope these thoughts are helpful.
  • FearlessFearless Member Posts: 1
    This is an awesome game i have come to LOVE

    Yall complain too much about this and that and want things easy. Just play the game and be up for the challenge. Is that what a game is. Go through it and find out the mystery instead of knowing? When uve completed the challenge than you will know. Just like when u first start playing any game

    Enjoy it as its not your idea of how the game is
  • CoiffureCoiffure Member Posts: 1
    I have to agree, it has been very hard to get these cool down cards and the time you get for using them are not really worth the effort so I just have to wait to go again but it does keep us who play from continuing any faster.
    I always thought that if you had a way of maybe letting us buy the time with diamonds if we wish to go faster? This would maybe even help with you guys making some funds by people replenishing their diamonds to achieve a goal. The steel is also hard to acquire although not as hard as the cc cards which like I have found to really not be worth saving because it takes away from me being able to keep other resources to keep my town safe enough to be raided so I don't lose my funds when I have to turn the game off only to come back and I lose all that I had worked so hard to save, so either I have to stay online all day moving my screen every few seconds so it doesn't have to reload and I get raided. I have worked so hard to keep my resources and now find with the prices being in the millions to just update a building is really difficult to acquire. I have cleared off my whole map at times and still I cannot reach the millions I need to upgrade any building at the level I am at.
    Ok, so all this wind I have blown here, maybe we could spend our diamonds for special resources to our choosing so we can enjoy the game in more length without worrying we have to shut it down and lose all the resources we accumulated. Or maybe we can save our funds in a locked bank we can guard so we don't have to worry about losing so we can keep upgrading our town at the same time as the wrangling for trains. OR BETTER YET, MAKE IT SO WE DONT GET BUMPED OFFLINE AT ALL SO WE CAN KEEP DEFENDING EVERYTHING AND PLAY EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME, PLEASE TO THE LATER. I bet you will find them thar rootin tootin cowpokes a Do-in a jig if that can happen.
    But all in all this is my most favorite game on out their on the www by far and being disabled and bed ridden, I play many games and love this one the very best. You guys all are awesome at not only the game but your customer support and your way of making the game more fun with every new facet that you guys create. Keep up the great work and I feel everyone should stop for a minute and clap for all the guys who make this game possible for us all. THANK YOU ALL , YOUR TOPS!!! Hugs, Pam
  • SamulSamul Member Posts: 1
    I hate Chris Cowbelll. She is useless.
  • ArchieArchie Member Posts: 2
    How long will cool down be?
  • RandyRandy Member Posts: 18
    4 hours
  • NekobasuNekobasu Staff Posts: 127
    Thank y'all for the great comments, partners! We sure love to hear your feedback now and sure wish that y'all will give it at the end of the event as well.

    We will keep on changing the event structure once in a while to introduce y'all new types of events. We hope this keeps the posse feature interesting and fun! We're also always listening to yer feedback to improve the game.

    Thanks also for all the suggestions y'all have given!
  • Terry_LeeTerry_Lee Member Posts: 5
    Once again we have been duped by the designers/developers of this game. Why do we still play? Been asking myself that question for a few weeks now. Increasing down time 100% while increasing the payout by 60%, on the events, has to be one of the worst decisions in this game, and trust me, you all have made some really ridiculous changes; changes that make people quit. Where's the money in that? I bet you guys still give your kids a $0.25 per week allowance. Each change, given with little to no notification, proves that CPW either has no understanding of their community or think we're all a bunch of low information dweebs, that will buy into anything. I purchased the Christmas special and haven't spent a dime since and I won't spend another penny on the game until the ridiculousness changes; if I'm still around by then. Just like changing the difficulty of the rustlers, a week or 2 ago; I said something on Facebook about it and the reply I got, stated they made no changes to the rustlers. This was untrue and they know it, guess we weren't suppose to notice the increase points of the camps.

    Basically, the risk-reward of this game is not on an equal basis. Generally, when common sense is applied, the reward always outweighs the risk. This game has proven that the risk is always, and I mean always, higher than the reward. Why would I bet $100,000 to win $1,000? That's the mindset, as we the community, see. I wish you guys would prove me wrong, but, you won't. You'll make us forget this moronic change with a newer, even more moronic change. It's what you do.
  • Jadeyn79Jadeyn79 Member Posts: 1
    Just want to start by saying I love the game and you guys do a great job. I just don't understand the four hour cool down time. The two hours is already hard enough to wait for, make it shorter not longer wait times! Keep up the great work!
  • Mag001Pro_Mag001Pro_ Member Posts: 1
    I think there should be a town shop where we can purchase the items we need
  • shadygooseshadygoose Member Posts: 45
    at first i thought 4 hour cooldown, what a bummer, but it actually works out great, a lot more posses doing the cut, and new highscores for a lot of people, without the grind.
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