I am very disappointed to say that London UK have suffered a rogue player who has kicked two of our a very good high scoring player just after the GR event started . Think that I've manged to stop this scum before he could do anymore damage? How could anyone stoop so low????
I just need to find out who it was now.
So to all the decent players , in nice friendly posses BE VERY CAREFUL WHO YOU PROMOTE .


  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    So sorry to hear that gazza
  • Joe_SJoe_S Member Posts: 8
    It is a dirt bag move. You dont like your posse then move dont screw things up for others. You should postcthe players name. Most leaders would agree the they dont want that person in their posse and they should be black listed.
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    We don't promote anyone to leader ever! There are just two of us!
  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Gazza if you know who it was Name and shame them! No place in the game for people like that!
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    Gazza, that is terrible, and sadly, it doesn't show who kicked the people. If you do find out, please post them for all to know
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