Boot hill: Learn, laugh and enjoy!

We are a self-formed posse committed to keeping the game FUN! We started the posse to enjoy the benefits without the threat of rules or minimum requirements. The only people we give the "BOOT" are inactives who also drop out of communication.

We have many OUTSTANDING players who not only regularly contribute huge points in every event, but they are more than happy to provide help and advice if you're interested.

We are all in because we want to be here and if it sounds like where YOU would like to play we are accepting new players right now. Because of our growth and current member size we are setting minimum of level 25 to join. Other than that, only requirements are participation in posse events and having fun. To join search Boot hill and be sure to use lower case h.


  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    Just an update. We don't always have an open slot, but keep checking. And don't forget to use lower case h when you search.
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