I may have respect for you but coming into Deplorables to recruit for the wanted so you can stock up players to try and take down HEH is disrespectful. I thought better of you my friend.


  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    My visit was not to recruit or stock up players to beat HeH. I'm new to The Wanted, it's not my place to recruit or my intention. Certainly no plan from me to beat HeH. I came to see Jimmie and Badass, especially Badass as I've spent over a year in a posse with him. I am sorry if my visit gave any impression of recruiting, not my intention at all. Any players who have left Deplorables are not through my doing at all. I just came to say hello.
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Hahah oh that's so funny ! Hahaha new to the wanted????? oh, Hahaha Hahahaha.
    Wasn't your intentions? OH, Another Hahahaha OH please.... Stop...l haha. I can't take any more jokes, I just can't.... Ohhhh hahahahah.

    Please could someone help me up off the floor now? Oh haahaaaahaaaa baaaaahahahahahahaha. Wheeeeeezze. Haaaaahhhaaa Nooooooooooo hahahah ooooooh jeeeeez. Any one have a tissue?

    Ah jeez, that's got to be the best joke I've heard in months. Rapid fire jokes.... I think, MPh....., you're in the wrong business....
    Stand up comic might be your calling. Because hahahahah.... STORY telling, hahahahahaaaaaaaa. Just.... Isn't...... Your forté. Lmao. I'm glad I wear boots in this game!!! O.O
    Please.......Someone pour me a Double Shot.. I'm gonna need one if I keep reading stuff like this... Hey, Gotta light? Ahhhhh set em barkeep, an keep em coming too, tis gonna be a fine show mate! ( I'm talkin to the barkeep, to be clear there)
    Yahooooooo firing shots in the air..... Fall down laughing... Giggle
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    I'm very happy for people to reply like that peg. If anyone thinks you are sane then they are welcome to join Double shots lol. There you go. Free advertisement.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    You laugh at me being new to The Wanted. I've been here 3 weeks...... What's your point ????
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    And Kane, keep liking things that are negative about me if it makes you feel better. Your posse is doing well , but you still need to berate me, have fun with that as I don't give a shit.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Oh, belly roll... It's not been too long ago... In a galaxy far far away... When someone strolled into my house at The Inlaws and took a wee on my carpet...
    Just the same way as Trever described.
    I didn't say anything. I'd thought maybe the drink had MPH at the moment and he'd gone to the wrong house. , he did stay fully dressed... No problem I think... Reading his words that he left on my step.... Meh, we all have Duh moments in our lives. so it happens, right?
    We've all done it right????? Sure! Es no problemo si? Si. We learn from our mistakes...
    So, I let is slide..*******
    . Til I saw this .... My my my... I said to myself ... Will ya take a gander at this here....
    Well isn't it a coincidence that MPH has done it again. LOL. Now ain't that something I thought as I checked to myself, remembering when he did it to me... When I was boss of The Inlaws. Or was it Peg boss at the time, well neither here nor there....
    Hmm, scratching my head and spitting tabacco. Seems to me , what we have here is habit forming. ... Must be one of them new fancy new high fallooting city drinks or straight ol' moonshine... Well, WHY didn't ya leave THAT at my door.... instead of a note for guys to come join ya?
    I'd have been much happier with shine in my coffee, but alas it is what it is. Disrespectful
    MPH: hey ,
    ^^^^^^^^ Wait, I thought a something cheaper! Tie a rope to your horses tail!!! Yeh! That way .... See the hose always knows the way back home! Oh he may RUN a red light here or there, but he'll bring Ya home every time. And if the horse gets drunk, well then , just follow the ROPE ! Easy!
    Thank you folks, for the opportunity to add my two cents.
    I'll be here won Wednesdays and Friday's, lol thanks!
    I think we should keep our doors locked or ya might have a crowded bunk when ya wake! @[email protected] lol SCARY! Lol LOL LOL LOL. .... Some thing never change. Ain't that right!
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Hey YO mph... SO NOW YOURE A DOCTOR? Yeh hahaha okay! oh hahahahahahaha.
    Judging my sanity???? . Lol. Show me yer badge, oh!? You don't need no stinking badge? Maybe so but ya need a degree... I'm just saying, Doctors, need a degree.. Well. Ya do.

    Lol. I don't need free advertising from you pal, ya can't even spell it right lol.

    It's Double Shots. With a BIG S .

    What we say.... ya know its true, and I personally happen to find it comical.
    I have the right to my opinion since ya did it to MY posse... Remember the Inlaws? Right..... Coming back to you now? :)

    Ya did it, ya know it, we know it....admit it... I'm only agreeing wth Trever. It's disrespectful and ya still do it to people .

    *No need for personal massages and name calling... I never once called you any names.
    Ya bring it on yourself ... It's not nice to call people names.... But here's a lollipop, have a great day! Then ya get mad and cuss. :( I'm so sad. NOT build a bridge and get over it and quit writing me, it's really unbecoming... Seriously.

    (I this is a long shot here, but if you quit doing this to people.... They won't post about it.)

    Perhaps it is not my sanity that's in question... But yours?

    What are you on about Kane to me for? If you have something to say, please feel free to say it here, why hide it in a personal message?

    Have a wonderful day and a better tomorrow.
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Massages? Uh I think ya meant messages... Peg! Hahaha. Well spoken. Mph, no need to message me... Spare me thank you. Have a lovely day!
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    MPH, how is it possible You make so much trouble in every posse you play in? You are not welcome in all the posse's but the wanted anymore. You destroyed youre one posse, TXP and almost the deplorables. Do You really think it has nothing to do with yourself?
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Can you explain how I ruined TXP or deplorables ?
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Well everywhere you went members leave posse's to posse's where You are active. And lot of members of different posse's are not a fan of You.
  • Strait_crazyStrait_crazy Member Posts: 76
    I can tell you for certain mph did not ruin TXP. No one ruined TXP. We all have been tied down to the game for so long we decided it was time to take the "TXP freedom ride". And man, it has been good. We are all still very connected in our alt chat. Mph is a friend of TXP as a matter of fact. He's actually in our chat and in the other game we play. I guess to a player outside TXP it could appear that mph was involved. But that was just timing really. He did come to play with us, along with a few more from luk, just before we decided to take the stone from around our necks (as tex would say).

    So for those following this, there's no animosity between TXP & mph. TXP players were tired of no updates and no changes to the game. Some hv quit, others are still around tho. Our focus has just changed. No one at TXP is bitter. We just started talking about it and decided it was time.

    So mph had nothing to do with TXP backing out of charts. I had posted long before he came that we were going to b taking it easy. There was only one person that left TXP because of mph. But he has nothing to do with TXP chilling either. As I said, were all still connected in alt chat. Only thing that's changed is the way we play the game. :)
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Okay fair enough he did not destroyed TXP. But it still doesn't explain Why Many posse's don't trust this guy.
  • Strait_crazyStrait_crazy Member Posts: 76
    Many posses don't trust a lot of people. It's only because we form opinions based on what we see and not what we know from our own experience. I have been guilty of the same thing. It's really not fair to judge people based on that. As far as mph goes I trust him completely. I'm earl from TXP. Not that it matters Just saying i do trust mph. Like him a lot as a matter of fact.
  • texfromsaigontexfromsaigon Member Posts: 199
    I'm gonna add my 2 cents. MPH was and is welcome at TXP. No issues there. Period. For anyone who hasn't figured it out, strait_crazy is Earl, leader of TXP. So her statement should carry some weight. During the couple of weeks MPH was with us he handled himself with class, even playing peacemaker when others dragged up some drama.

    I also played with him in the flying pigs. He, along with everyone else who played, was great. Good conversation and lots of funny and witty comments. Nothing mean spirited.

    I've never seen him offer a mean comment, even when he is publicly attacked. You can read examples of that here on the forum.

    I've no idea what may have transpired between MPH and the handful of attackers on here but I can say this: When I was organizing flying pigs I visited most of the top posses or contacted them through this forum inviting the leaders and a few top players to join if they wanted. We had great representation across many posses. However, one posse in particular who I see participating in this discussion reacted very badly and inappropriately. I was publicly accused of recruiting and scolded in a very ugly way. My invitation was a sign of respect, acknowledging that posses status (then) as a top posse and offering them a few spots in the pigs. If that reaction is indicative of the style of communication offered by that posse I would caution you to take anything they say with a very large grain of salt. If my intentions were so badly misunderstood it's likely others would have a similar experience.

    I like MPH. He's never given me any reason not to. The things I see on here are petty at best. I have never recruited from other posses (except for pigs, which was a one week only event) but I know a lot of you have. I don't see anyone attacking you. Have some class and treat others they way you would like to be treated.
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Strange You come with this information so late. I am glad for MPH he is welcome to two posse's. TXP and the wanted.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    I'm sure he may be a good guy. Never met him or had a beer with him. I started this as he came into Deplorables and it wasn't just me, it was 6 to 8 of us that felt what he was doing was recruiting. He came into the posse about 6 times quickly and left. Stating comments and then leaving. If your truley stopping bye to say hello. Stay longer then 3 minutes. It sends the wrong message.
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    No one was chatting Trever. And I had other people to see. I came back multiple times to see if there had been chat to my messages. I wasn't recruiting and those that left did so for reasons of their own. I don't know them. My reputation has been reduced to rubble by a few on here and for reasons that are not true. Others who have actual real issues with me have discussed them in private. Each to their own. I'm good with all, even Manhattan lol. No issues no worries
  • SkodancySkodancy Member Posts: 190
    edited February 2017
    Xena, could you change my diaper? Please?
  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    Well said tex
    Sko grow up !!!
  • ThoseDamMercsThoseDamMercs Member Posts: 4
    MPH for president! He's my hero! Apparently, he's the most notorious player in the entire game. Props, yo...
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Y'all seem to still going strong, miss some of y'all. Hope you all had a happy New Years. Cheers
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313

    You know I love you brother but I just laughed my ass off seeing that you have stepped away for a long time but you came back to say hi and posted on the one thread that started over possible recruiting. The one thing that many hated you for. I just find that ironic and hilarious. Miss you brother.
  • James101James101 Member Posts: 297
    Haha in was the Recruiter, lol. My new game it's much easier it's possible to talk to everyone from every team just click on their name and pm them. Talk soon Trev
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