Deplorables and Deplorables2

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Hi everyone. One of our members just recently started a interimship with NextGames. We have been given some inside information about the next upgrade for CPW. For those that are interested. Only requirement to obtain that info is to join and score 200k or more. It's that easy!!! We are giving out participation trophies for all that fall short so everyone's actually gonna get something. You don't want to miss this information so come quick!!!


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    Lol! nice ad!
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Taking new players who are looking to be a part of a top posse to try and take the number 1 spot. We know every posse is great and we are not looking to steal players away from anyone. But if your interested in a different option, new names and new stories. Stop into Deplorables1 or Deplorables2 to see what posse fits your needs.

    Any questions just PM me.
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