Horse Detox classes start this week

WillWill Member Posts: 67
Are you troubled with your horse hanging out at the saloon to long? Dirty Harry's is looking for YOU if your horse drinks too much and you need a new posse that cares! Come join us we are driven by values. #1 improving your score% through new strategies. #2 Communications -talking is a must! Share saloon adventures.
#3 - FUN- you make it happen but balance your work and family commitments. We are a leaderboard player and what YOU!!


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    edited February 2017
    Hi Will .......having a bit of trouble? Awwww , Do you need a hug? (((Hug))))

    Thank you so much in your interest in joining my posse! How wonderful!
    I was very happy to help you with posse suggestions awhile back, no trouble at all.

    WILL, What are you doing calling people names and cutting them down? That's awfully rude of you , Will.... Having a bad day? I don't know if we allow that sort of behaviour, at my place!

    *you can try to pick a fight with me if you'd like.... Surely you're joking! HAHAHAHA
    You Only amuse me.. :) join up at Rogue Riders3 , thanks again for your interest in Rogue Riders3 * ask for Kane

    Go hug yourself. :)
  • WillWill Member Posts: 67
    Peg I don't have any idea what you are talking about!!!! Do you have me mixed up with a rustler? Cowboys & cowgirls don't knock others posses!
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