Prairie Dawgs looking for fresh blood

PoePoe Member Posts: 1
Getting stale where at or just looking for your first time in a posse? Come check out our group. We have a great mix of long time players and new members. All of us are active and eager to see fresh names join the club. Search Prairie Dawgs and join the only "no pressure" posse left in the game.

We hope to see you soon.


  • scrarchscrarch Member Posts: 3
    I requested :)
  • mavericktimmavericktim Member Posts: 10
    We have a great group of guys an gals. Come join in the fun.
  • MuckyducksMuckyducks Member Posts: 1
    I sent a request :) can i join? Level 14 but active! I love the game :)
  • ladyzootladyzoot Member Posts: 67
    Welcome Muckyducks! Glad to have you! We still have 5 spots open. Come join a great posse. Great place to grow ^_^
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Just curious. I see the no pressure posse posted all to often. Are you or others implying the top posses have pressure? And if that is true. What pressure is this? Is it like "you better send more trains or I'm gonna tell mom" Maybe it's not pressure but rather something those players enjoy. I mean, if you truly have no pressure then why recruit new members? What did you accomplish if five people join and send one train or. I trains. I'm assuming you would like more people to join to maybe climb up the leaderboard or are you simply just looking for new people to chat with? Again, just curious
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Trever, I can see why you have fun with higher level players and posses, but seriously, Prairie dawgs. Jeez man they didn't even hit leaderboard. What's your issue
  • Strait_crazyStrait_crazy Member Posts: 76
    Oh my gosh Trever! Leave them out of your warped reality!!! Spots open, recruitment forum duh...

    FOR ANYONE LOOKING FOR A GREAT POSSE TJIS IS THE ONE!!! Send some trains, chat as much or as little as you like. ENJOY YOURSELF!!! They're so far removed from the drama bs ull think u died and went to heaven!

    A great posse!
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    I'm not saying anything bad about this posse. I'm asking why people post no pressure. I will take this chat to another discussion
  • lewalewa Member Posts: 20
    Never been in a posse .just having fun .finally made the top 100 list in game. Love the game when screen not hopping all around.
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