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Another event where you ask players from all other posses to set a record. At least come up with a new name and don't take credit under your name. Good luck and have fun!


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    We are having a GR party and we only have 2 quests. To change the posse name just for 2 quests??? Hmmm is that nevessary? Ask players from all other posses Omg trever I only asked one. You really have a fantasy. They call me madhatter Maybe they Should give this name to You. Have a Nice day too.
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    Oh Yeah I forgot to mention those 2 quests played HeH before so What is youre problem? By the way What were legends GR records?
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    Lol Trever
    When i look at WL line-up i see people who played other posses before
    You have changed the name off youre posse but the members also changed so No diference then other posses
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    nevessary= necessary offcourse.
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    RJ - I'm not talking about players just playing with other posses as they move around. I'm talking about bringing in other players for just one special event so manhattan can then run his mouth about HEH is the best posse on the face of the planet. We have the record in CB and GR. We are number one.

    Manhattan - say what you want. I have played with a handful of people from your posse. It's just no secret you guys are all about yourselves. None of your top players or leaders ever lend a hand to other posses. I personally don't care if you go for the record. I believe it's only 7mil and change. Should be easy for gamers like yourself. I'd be willing to bet a good chunk of change the 29 people in your posse aren't there April 20th
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    Hey Trever!

    You're wrong!
    I've been in my origin posse several times, and I've given them tips and tricks about CPW.
    And I know other Heh members/leaders also have been outside of HeH.
    So the comment about that HeH is all about themselves, just makes you look small.
    I usally enjoy your way of writing in forum, but when you tries to take the honor of HeH, the fun is gone. At least for me.

    Take care and enjoy CPW Trever!
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    Trever maybe the will change posse name
    But then again you didn't change posse description when i asked to change it in best off the rest when you where in second place
    Seems we all have fun in our own way
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    Honestly I don't care what you do. It's the entertainment this game needs. Gives me a chance to read how great HEH is and then I talk about over dinner with my kids.

    RJ - are you gonna play for this super event? What if DA comes back for it. Does that mean your out?
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    We Just having fun with HeH players, old HeH players and players who played with us sometimes. I dont understand youre frustrations, you sound like a child who didnt get his candy.
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    Well Trever as this event is supposed to be secret i can't confirm there is going to be a record event.
    You can understand i can't comment on a line-up off an unconfirmed event.
    I will neither confirm or deny, me taking part in this event, which existence I can neither confirm or deny.
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    Lol. I will just be glad they will be doing an upgrade on April 20th. We needed it
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    I will laugh my balls out If we will have an upgrade then!
  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Well i don't even want to think about how it will look
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    I've been joined by HeH players in helping out starting posses, and HeH players have offered to fill vacancies at my unaffiliated posse before. (BTW, the only posse who's members have offered.)
    I'm not a big fan of the big 'franchise posses', but i'm less of a fan of baseless accusations.
    From the outside they seem more like a big family, then like a big business.
    Family is good!
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    Since Oblio feels the need to stir the pot again. Let's stir it then!! So your saying HEH is the only posse that has ever offered to help you. So when I said they are selfish and you replied "baseless accusations" But you saying (BTW, the only posse who's' members have offered.) does that mean your saying every other player in CPW land is selfish for not offering to help you. Ummmm. I think it does!!!

    I'm curious to know how many current HEH players spent the event with West Fo for their tribute. A mighty fine tribute it was by the way! It's sad I even bring it up, but necessary to prove my point. That posse will never sacrifice a top score for the better of the game.

    And Gud. You have been with HEH for 8 months as you said. You thankfully missed a lot of their selfishness. The last 8 months stand on top of the mountain has crumbled.

    Manhattan. Just because people have played in one event with HEH doesn't make them family. You guys poach top players all too often. Maybe you specifically don't but others do. There are members in other top 20 possses that are trying to climb the leaderboaed and then here comes big bad HEH. Hey can you send me your top two players this week. We want to push hard for first place. I have seen that message countless of times in so many posses and have been asked myself also.

    I wish you the best for your super event. I'm only saying. You have six, maybe seven HEH posses. Pull your current best 30 and go for it. But If you want to just go grab 30 players that maybe at one time played in HEH for a cup of coffee, then make a new posse name and have fun. I will enjoy watching and smiling to see how high you guys can score. Might even be entertaining to keep checking the score. But don't turnaround and say. We did it. HEH is the best in the world. Which is exactly what you will do
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    Okay big mouth trever mr. stir the pot. If we play GR we have 28 HeH members and 2 quests. Maybe you have to put some energy in youre own posse. Good words Oblio agree with You 100%!!
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    Gotta be honest with ya. That was a terrible response!!! Just aweful. I thought you were a funny guy, what happened? Takes the fun right out of this. 28 HEH members. Lol. Can't wait to see this lineup. Considering 12 of your players for the CB event were not in anyone of the HEH posses the following week and I think the week before also. Seriously say something funny or tell your sidekick to let things go and not step in with his two cents well after the fact.
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    Ah now I understand What youre problem is! You only looked one week before our great cb event and one week after our great cb event. You know HeH excist more then 3 weeks so Maybe You can do better homework to get the facts in order LOL!!!!
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    Little better response!! you are right though, there are so many posses to ruffle thru for you guys. Brings me back to my point on why you even need to request any special invites. But thank you for pointing that out for all of us.

    But I can see you gearing up for the epic response already with your "great cattle battle event" comment. Make sure you pull out the thesaurus so you can tell us how great this GR battle was in more than just one way. Go crazy!!!!
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    If it is Okay with You I can do that allready before GR event starts. Lets go crazy Why not. But No I wont. We Just play GR and thats it nothing more and nothing less. No big mouth from me If we accidently break legends record.
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    Lol. Another sad response. These second and third place finishes have really eaten you fine folks up over in HEH. So bad that you have resorted to putting together super events every 5 weeks so you all have a valid excuse to tell one another. Here's how I picture your conversations going.

    "I wasn't playing hard, I was saving cards".
    "Omg, me either as I was saving steel". "This is gonna be awesome, I know we haven't come in first in two months but these other posss have no idea what's coming."
    "Two months, try three. Why do you think we are doing this event"
    "Oh yea, that's right"
    "Btw, did anybody see Trever's post on the forum?"
    "Yea I did, he is one funny guy"
    "Yea, can be an asshole at times, but I hate when he is right"
    "Hahaha, I was thinking the same thing"
    "Oh well, we are HEH"
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Two things wrong: the sense I hate when he is right and not asshole at times But asshole all the time
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    But one funny Guy You are absolutely right
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    Trever it nice to see you have you own made rules when a posse is his own and when a posse is not.
    You sound still a bit bitter about those record events. I know the first one bown your just founded WL away and spoiled there first event.
    A lot off us played a long time and the game not updating make us do all kind off things. Some quit. Others try to keep te fun in all kind off ways.
    Orginaze the flying pig event, starting a one train posse, playing everywhere. Some have the fun with a record event.
    You should try it maybe.
    About changing the name. You don't play with the same players every event. So tell me where you draw the line when your posse is no longer WL. You also have people resting and building up in WL2. And youre posse also saves cards and steel when they are far ahead or behind.

    I had the fun playing with you and youre team.
    Have fun playing but don't make up rules and hold others to another standerd then you use for your own posse.
    If people join a posse at that moment they are part off the posse they play.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Lol- You guys are awful at trash talking or busting balls with one another. I'm down with this chat. Go play GR and enjoy. Cheers!
  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Next one is cow event Trever
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    You wanna play, trever? You can have my spot.
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    To late now You had youre chance. Good luck bye!
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