Father forgive me because I have sinned
I forced myself into a posse by lying and deceiving
I told them it would be my last event in CPW afterwards would resign
That I had great cards and would deliver a great score
I got in by manipulating ppl
It has become second nature of mine ,I give them partial info and screenshots without the correct context .

The truth is I am not quitting the game at all .i gave them a score below average and didn't make the goal.
But why would I care I got in ....
Now I playing in another posse .as always giving them new members. I am a lot like you . I give and I take away .

Please father there are still some ppl who think I am wise and friendly .they think Tahiti I am the OBI ANN KENOBI of cpw .they have not realised that I am only friendly to them as long as I benefit of them and do as I plz.
They don't know yet that I kick them like old shoes when they are no longer useful to me
Will please make sure their eyes do not open and they don't see me for the person I really am .

Thank father

Your dear friend from the south who moved to the the north .


  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    edited April 2017
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    edited April 2017
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    I honoustly thought You were talking about yourself Xena. What happened MPH You had to swallow youre words lol!
  • RafemaRafema Member Posts: 4
    edited April 2017
    I don't know you Xena, but what you just revealed about yourself - you are one low life! When I have a spare second I will feel sorry for you!
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    How old are you Xena?
    Your behavior looks like an 12 year olds.
    You have only proven yourself!
    People that are bullying are the smallest kind of humans.
    All of your so called friends are probably ashamed over how you acts.
    And I can only feel sorry for Rouge Riders, they are doomed with a small person like you in thier lines.
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    edited April 2017
    xena - Sie spricht die Wahrheit und Sie handelm wie Narren

    Xena speaks not of herself.
    Do you not see it is directed at another?

    I love this game!! Ich Lieben Rogues, Xena und Kane

    But, doomed? ...... Is CPW thats doomed with no updates. Lest ye forget?

    Dynamit kommt in kleinen Pakeyen derjenige , Der verurteilt, it's dein Selbst.

  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Well I dont take this person serious from the first time I read something of her on this forum. It isnt the first time what she wrote doesnt make sense and it will be the last time. I will not read this bullshit of her and her silly co writers anymore it is just a lost of my time.
  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    Well thanks guys
    Yes you guys don't know me
    I only ever speak my mind if when I need too
    Go back and see I will always defend my Own corner and I hate ppl that lie and cheat and bullied me in this game that I need to be only person that now has courage to speak up
  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    Danke peg ja ich spreche nur die wahrheit wenn ich zu einem tag brauche sie alle sehen, dass ich recht habe
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Manche Leute niemals zugeben, dass Sie recht habben und Manche Luete könnten nicht Deutsch Oder nett dein, abet Sie doll ten nicht für Sie da sein.

    Danke Xena !
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