Hat trick cow rogues

xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
Wtg rogues third win in cows great team effort with only 28 players
Well done rj top scorer
@manhatten seems your picked the wrong team to play in



  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Was a lot off fun and a great team effort.
    All those going the extra mile to get the win.
    Old and new players having fun and all helping each other.
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    Congratulations Riders!! It was a Nice battle. Xena No I did not picked the wrong team. Its my posse with my mates. So Its not a matter of picking. I realised Its Nice to play in another posse sometimes But home sweet home;-). Nice shooting RJ and Xena!
  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Thanks was great fun
  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Xena why have you covered my name?!?! Hahaha, Love it Rogue's!!!
    Yeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaa :)
  • linfranzlinfranz Member Posts: 60
    Don't think so lol as I was on top of you Kane :p
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Mmmmm with a cherry on top! Lol congrats Rogues! Whoop whoop! :)
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