Pony Express v Train Points?

Does anyone have data that shows the minimum Pony Express level required to be able to dispatch 3 full train sets?
I'm currently level 26 at Courthouse 13 with pony 11 and able to send 2 sets. I really don't want to level up any higher until I build up my sidekick cards so I need to plan what I upgrade.


  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Not sure I understand your question.
  • TreverTrever Member Posts: 313
    Does this help at all?
  • TheGrumpy1TheGrumpy1 Member Posts: 32
    Hey Coldet, sorry to say but 3 full tracks is about player level 31 and Pony Express 14 or 15. If you have not already got them, the permanent Silver pack and extra card upgrades are a must have and joining an active posse will also help get reasonable cards. Raid as many people as you can for goods, gold and steel.
    Have fun buddy.
  • ColdetColdet Member Posts: 14
    OK so thanks for the replies.
    1. It appears that Pony express lvl 16 opens three trains worth of sites and can be accomplished with a minimum Level of 29.
    2. The 4th & 5th trains are available at Player level 37, pony express lvl 19&20

    @TheGrumpy1 - yea I joined the "40 Something" crowd of geriatrics as well as the "Guns of West" nut cases and I'm having a ball thanks.
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