Wtg rogues

Yet another great win for rogues
Special mention to Lou on awesome score shame time run out on you but great pb
Fancy playing in rogues we have spots xx


  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Great job. 7th win in last 8 events!
  • Kane1Kane1 Member Posts: 173
    Smaaaaaaaaashed it! Another fun event! Love the Rogues :)

    #GoRogue #RogueRiders
  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Great work rogues
  • slimslim Member Posts: 7
    Nice return to the top!
  • PegPeg Member Posts: 560
    Congrats dear friends @Rogues for the great win.
    Much love, From all of us @DS
    (chocolates for dipping the sweet & free drinks for all :* )
    Rockin it Rogue Style! >:)
  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    Yes Slim Nice to be back on top
  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    You doing great to sis (peg) you be given me and rogues grief soon xxx
  • CalamityJaneCalamityJane Member Posts: 496
    Xena, Kane, Jeff, ROGUE RIDERS Win again! Congrats all Rogues, from all of us at Double Shots . Well done! We have run out of chocolate by now. Party party Xxx
  • xena1978xena1978 Member Posts: 84
    We never run out chocolate to dip the boys in just give them wine/beer and they happy
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