What posse/guild

GudGud Member Posts: 176
Since Next Games has abandon CPW, it's time to find something new, or kickstart my old TWD acct again.
Anyone who has tips for a another great game or what guild I should join in TWD?
It has been an awesome ride with HeH, N40R and GoW for sure :)


  • RJdmRJdm Member Posts: 267
    No longer playing the Banjo Gud.
    There are a lot great posses around
    Some may suite you Some won't
    Play an event with them. If you like it stay if not you move on the check the next one
    Ofcourse all will claim there is the best
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    Thanks for your helpful tips!
  • manhattenmanhatten Member Posts: 210
    I also play TWD a lot more then CPW. Lets form a guild, Gud? You can choose the name of it.
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    Maybe we should Manhatten :)
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    edited July 2017
    If anyone is interested to join me and Manhatten in the game The Walking Dead, No Mans Land.
    Just PM me or Manhatten ;)
  • JenngJenng Member Posts: 3,410
    Welcome to the dark side >:)
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    But I reenter the dark world after a year at the sunny side ;)
  • GudGud Member Posts: 176
    Lvl 60
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