Gold rush problems

The Gold Rush event has to be changed asap. Some of our posse members haven't been able to send a single train. These events will result in people quitting the game for good


  • ScottyG7138ScottyG7138 Member Posts: 2
    I don't even bother with gold rush! My guys never get past all the exploding barrels that are set out. Plus there's no buildings to attack to get more troops out to fight. Who ever designed gold rush didn't think this through!!!!
  • FizzyPinotFizzyPinot Member Posts: 355
    You either need a large number of Rangers and navigate between the traps or a bag full of notorious. If you don't have either don't bother. Or if you do it's as dull as dishwater. Not really classed as strategy
    yay Z Nation trailer now out for new season!
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    Wow, how times have changed. Now GR is just an easy point grab.
  • GudGud Member Posts: 178
    GR is like stealing candy from a new born >:) >:)
  • shrobert79shrobert79 Member Posts: 183
    Yep, that it is.
  • GudGud Member Posts: 178
    You want to go for a CB event?
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