Locking posses down

I am so glad this feature is being intro'd. This will stop feeder posses. My posse will not suffer, and we look forward to proving that HEH is a dominate posse.


  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    For sure now we can see what posses are capable of with the players they start with.

    The best thing about this is you guys can stop spoon feeding reward cards to your lower guys and let them play for them like we all do. Allowing others in to get reward cards during an event affects the game in two ways. First off people who attack my town are stronger then they should be so I lose more often. Ever consider that? Secondly it makes players not play as hard for their own posse during an event since then know they will get the cards anyways. Why bother pushing hard when you will get free cards?

    Good move cpw. Excellent decision. :)
  • KerilynKerilyn Member Posts: 34
    Aaaahhhh, memories!
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