What is the Point?

What is the Point? I've been playing the is for over a year. I stick around because we have a good group of people in the posse. Every defense is maxed out. But the challenge is gone, long gone! No upgrades. Nothing new. Shear boredom! I if anyone's played Boom Beach? At least they keep it interesting and fun. Like I said, What is the Point!


  • MPHMPH Member Posts: 756
    Cosmo. I don't know what posse you are from. But there is a clear point to all of this. Kane is the leader of Rogues. They are are top, his point to the game is to stay top. Zero is the leader of Heh, they have a huge reputation and now need to get number 1 back from Rr. Other posses may well fancy their chances . So will fight each event.......

    Don't ask CPW what the point is. They all know the point ............ Hope you find the point
  • CosmoCosmo Member Posts: 85
    There are different paths! It is ok to challenge other posses! It is ok to gave a personal game. But as a group we should all grow. Not play the same Pavlov's Dog game every single time. There are no new challenges on a personal level that lead to the benefit of the whole!
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