Individual tier awards for events

Presently, this game follows the same team sward strategy as other games (i.e. Plunder Pirates). All posse members get the same rewards regardless of their effort level. Being a blatently socialistic award system, it encourages leeches by rewarding laziness as well as enables the current "feeder posse" that many complain about.

What I would like to see is individual based tier awards in addition to posse level awards.
For example:
* Rugged Steel card awarded when an individual earns 25K points during an event.
* Veteran Steel card awarded when an individual earns 50K points during an event.
* Notorious Steel card awarded when an individual earns 100K points during an event.
This would encourage individuals to perform better during events, as well as discouraging people from cycling in and out of a posse (feeders).
Seems to me the easiest way to execute this would be to have the next basic or silver pack (i.e. time award) following the achievement guarantee the card.

I'd further like to see this simple rule instituted: If a person joins a posse during an event, train points do not count toward posse points.


  • FragFrag Member Posts: 336
    I second you on this howdy
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    There are individual tier awards, they are called train packs.. Of the 42 train packs I got last event, 5 were posse, 37 were individual. Sure, only the final 3 posse packs were silver train packs, but you can't have everything.
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