Interviewing a person requesting entry into a Posse

It would be nice to be able to communicate with people wishing to join your Posse without having to accept them to find out what level they play at. We have a few posses that all preform at different levels (ie: 100K+ contribution, 50K-80K contribution, etc.).


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    Indeed and I might add - an ability to write a short application when requesting to join.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    At 40 something, the last 6 new members read my descriptions of my posse on this forum and requested to get in, 5 of those 6 have been great additions. Posse's need to write clearer adverts, let prospective members know what to expect, and what will be expected of them. The forum has worked great as a recruiting tool
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