About Battle Points

Howdy !

I would like to know more about Battle Points.
When a building is destroyed it give more battle points. ok. but is it related to the building "Hitpoints"
for exemple a Cabin level 1 will only give 1 point, and a Cabin level 5 will give 2 or 3 battle point ?
I notice defense building usually give more battle points but is it possible to know the "rule"
It will help us to better design for our town. !


  • Bluef1Bluef1 Member Posts: 13
    Keyman - I think on PvP battles

    camps give 1 battle point
    non defense buildings give 3
    defense towers give 6

    and the above is irrespective of level.

    on cow battles paddocks give 10 battle points
  • GudGud Member Posts: 178
    Might be....
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    The building values do change some with your level. It is most noticable in GR & CB.
    In GR at lvl 16 i think i get 3 BP for destroying a mine building, but i get 6 BP at lvl 54.
    I gave up trying to understand if there was a specific formula or rule behind the differences.
  • Do you only get battle points from defeating players online? I need them to activate tin men but don't feel confident enough for multiplayer yet...
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    You can get additional battle points during any battle by destroying buildings, but they are only temporary, they need to be used in the current battle. You can only permanantly boost the Battle Points you start each battle with by upgrading your Fort.
    BTW, higher Battle Points also mean stronger Camp Defenders, which will be equal to your Battle Point Total.
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