Vault and Cards

Can we get a building like the vault in Dominations? One in which you can store gold or goods that are safe from being stolen by raids. Once you make a deposit you can't withdraw without paying diamonds for 24 hours.

Also during the posse event we should have some guaranteed gold and goods cards, even a rugged gold card could be useful instead of the rugged tin man or shaman. Just a change of pace.


  • AkselAksel Member Posts: 80
    If you leave your wagons alone for a long time they will accumulate a lot of gold and goods that cant be stolen.
  • DanimalDanimal Member Posts: 1
    What about when your mystery cards? If your stuff is full they go to waste i.e. If I have full steel I get 1500 steel I lose the card. Why can't that go to storage
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