Boot hill looking for new members. Our posse is fun, friends, and learning

jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
Your posse should ENHANCE the game, not keep you up nights trying to make required minimums. Our primary requirement is participation: communicate in the forum and join in on posse events. We have plenty of seasoned players to help you improve your game and we always have fun. To join, search Boot hill and be sure to use lower case h. Welcome in and join the fun!


  • CinderCinder Member Posts: 1
    Great posse!
  • AnnieOkekokeAnnieOkekoke Member Posts: 3
    Come and join our top 50 friendly gang, send some trains and hopefully have a laugh.
  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    Right now we have 4-5 openings, so if you and a friend want to join up it’s a great time to do it.
  • AnnieOkekokeAnnieOkekoke Member Posts: 3
    We are looking for active players come,join us
  • jakenelwoodjakenelwood Member Posts: 44
    The Boot is looking for active players who like to have fun, learn more about the game and play with top posse mates. Be sure to use lower case h when you search for Boot Hill. LOWER CASE h.
  • BozzyColt1994BozzyColt1994 Member Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    I wanna join your posse
  • JalamityCaneJalamityCane Member Posts: 1
    Sorry not to get back sooner Bozzy go on the game, on the left side of the screen go to search posse put in Boot Hill and join
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