Strange losses

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I've encountered a few instances where I'm attacked by someone who uses a single attacker who comes in at the extreme edge of the town, gets off a few shots, before the battle ends. Yet despite barely damaging anything, somehow wins!? Ive gotten revenge against a few of them, but am still confused what happened. Anyone encounter this before?


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    I get the same this link
  • Rshakur79Rshakur79 Member Posts: 5
    I get again not normal and make me f.... angry. Why i loose like this, wait for answer???
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Read the thread above ‘Lost Without Loosing The Courthouse’
    There is a software issue with some older versions of Android, players using this OS version get and recieve much higher damage. Using long range troops, if they do any damage to any building they can automatically win a PvP and apparently Cattle Battle & Gold Rush battles. Many players are taking advantage of this software glitch, some have gotten a little self concious and have started using a mix of troops to mask their quick victories.
    Multiple players have contacted support about this, but i don’t know if any have gotten anything but a generic auto response.
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    Yeah. I just make sure i get revenge on any player who does it to me.
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Can't login with some accounts, train tab inactive & event sites are blank circles.
    Can anyone see the current CB event?
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