Can’t load the game

CeresCeres Member Posts: 2
Load is hanging. Issmeltningen all Day long.


  • CeresCeres Member Posts: 2
    Load is hanging
  • dallies724dallies724 Member Posts: 13
    I have the same problem, loads to about 90% says welcome then just stops. Same on iPad and iPhone
  • WarbuxWarbux Member Posts: 5
    The posse button is NOT functioning today....the cattle have disappeared off the MAP..?

    Could be a sign of changes around here...OR .... Nuttiin
  • dustydusty Member Posts: 7
    Are they finally killing this game in silence ?
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Can’t load at all on Android. Only my account that uses my primary Apple ID as it’s Game Center ID will load on either my iPad or my iPhone.
    Train tab is inactive
    Event Sites are blank circles and won’t load.
    PvP often crashes
    PvE works OK
    Chat is OK
    Posse Switching is OK
    Game can still be downloaded and installed from the App Store
  • tytytytytytytyty Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 1
    My game won't load either!!! I'm afraid it has finally been killed.... really sucks because I finally upgraded my pony express to 20 and can get to all the cattle and mine sites!!!!
  • Game loads for me on both android and iOS but no train battles and it shuts off in the middle of a map raid
  • OblioOblio Member Posts: 219
    Any trick to getting it to load on Android? Hangs at around 90% loaded for me.
  • Big_Daddy_BeastBig_Daddy_Beast Member Posts: 2
    Same here with it not loading. Been trying all day.
  • AndyBarrettAndyBarrett Member Posts: 12
    edited January 2018
    Same here, it just sits around 90% loaded and hangs indefinitely. I've reinstalled and contacted support but still no luck. It's been like this since yesterday morning.

    Just curious but are you guys using non iOS11 supported Apple devices like my 4th Gen iPad?
  • WarbuxWarbux Member Posts: 5
    Tada.... Seems to be working today! Same old same old...I'm stuck at level 54 and nothing new to upgrade since April 2016.

    Posse event is working again and the furious race to get Stars or something is still change here.?

    Must have needed a reboot to get the dust out....hehe.....
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